The magic of Hate Mail

Yes, hate mail is still here, so don’t give up hope. And on top of that, the new Special Ed Jesus Dressup has arrived, and they’re awesome. Of course, the only way to see them is to order them, and I’m not sure what else to tell you. Other than that, there’s hate mail to look at for no cost whatsoever! Enjoy.


5 thoughts on “The magic of Hate Mail”

  1. Jesus Christ! You can practically hear the drool hitting their chins as they type…

    One of my biggest pet peeves is the Christian’s insistence on yelling, “It’s only a theory!” A theory is “”the analysis of a set of facts in their relation to one another.” A law is along the same lines, but can be explained in concise terms and can be described using a mathematical formula. The law of gravity is one such law. As evolution can not be described in concise terms using a mathematical formula, it’s called a theory, rather than a law.

    I wish these idiots would just shut the fuck up already. Or, if they refuse to shut the fuck up, they should at least do us a favor and stop breeding. Intelligence is inherited. It’s genetic. The more they breed, the dumber the world will get.

    Fuck you, “Christians”. Fucking idiots…

  2. Hate… it’s such a strong word. Sometimes there are so many things to Hate I get overwhelmed. Needless to say Bob is not one of them. Bob is a Social Mirror. He brings out the Best (worst) in people just by looking like a non-existent entity.
    Fear…… Fear of a Man dressed up as a Fairy Tale. Priceless!

  3. God and jesus loves everybody! This is great news to me, it just soothes my weary ole heart knowing that two invisible beings loves me and everybody else too. I suppose that’s the reason god created hell to throw people into if they don’t believe in him and can ya blame him? Hell no! If I loved everybody and they didn’t believe in me, I’d burn their freakin ass to a crisp in a heart beat!

    Now, I need to know if Allah loves me, and if not, I be sent to hell by him so this is really important we need to find out if Allah loves everybody as soon as we can. My heart cannot rest easy until I find out if Allah loves everybody.

    I’m pretty sure Buddha and the flying spaghetti monster loves everybody.

    But what if I’m wrong??? OH dear! What shall I do? I’m really scared and weary now!

    Someone please pray for me!

  4. Bob: Your letters this week are truly scrapin’ the bottom of the barrel. Interestingly, all my assorted atheist podcasts have callers and questions that are just that retarded this week, too.

    What if “your” wrong. Sheesh. That’s one of those million-dollar questions that even Dawkins answered. What if my wrong what? This question cannot possibly be asked without a misspelling of the word “you’re.” It just has never been. Ever. Ever. Never been asked with a proper “you’re.” And you’ll never prove me wrong, brother. Never.

    I’ve been fantasizing lately (and haven’t we all?) that I show up, all outfitted, to one o’them tebagger protests, with a booth that says “Sign Proofreading, $1.00 per word.” You don’t want to let on that you’ve been to COLLEGE, though, because “college girls is commies.” Maybe I’ll make those scrotum-draggers look good, but I’ll be richer for it. What do you think?

    Oh, and I’ve gotta make a shit-ton of flyers. I’m surrounded on three sides by Jehovah’s Witlesses, Seventh Day Advertisers and Morons. They like me. They told me that. And I have a “nice garden.” And I’m invited to so many church Sundays and Saturdays! What a great bunch of Dicks.

  5. One thing that Science does as well that Christianity or any religion doesn’t – if the facts prove something different, generally after peer review and journal publication – the old theory goes out of usage in the scientific community.

    These people can blather on about how they think Evolution is false but here’s an idea – why not fucking prove it? Prove your claim that Evolution is false, as the Scientific community and nearly every discipline of Earth & Life Science (biology, chemistry, zoology, botany, astronomy, paleontology, oceanography, geology, etc) finds more correlation with Evolution than any other previous theory. So to disprove evolution, not only will you have to disprove the basic theory but you’ll also have to disprove the correlation between Evolution and every other Earth and Life Science out there.

    But naturally, that’s too much work for those faith heads out there, isn’t it?

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