Year In Review

Amazing Strangers Wendell iconAt the end of each year since 2011 Shaggy and I have gone to Astor Place Starbucks to do a detailed rundown of the year’s highs & lows at the Square. There is no better way to get yourself fully acquainted with the characters and what’s been going on with them for the last several years.

2015 Finale

After 13 years at the park, Shaggy and I call it quits. This video explains why.


Shaggy & I talk about ball playing ruining the mojo of the park, getting shamed by the Pink Camera Crew, and the different ways we were attacked at the park in 2014.


We discuss the chaos Wendell started when he got into a garbage can, Jeremy’s rehabilitation, the resurrection of Signs, Suave the Poet, and the rest of the Sausage Party that was Union Square 2013.


Shaggy & I discuss the days following the flood, his time in Bellevue Hospital, and Morgans trip there too. Also the fall of Lotion Man, and Signs being thrown out of the park by a girl!


In this, our first Year-In Review we talk about Shaggy’s dad’s losing his teeth, Dusty & Quarter Guy.


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