Jesus Dressup fridge magnets

Jesus Dressup crownhanger logoThese beautiful 11″ X 8″ Jesus Dressup colorform style magnet kits have been finely tuned specifically for your play-time-fun enjoyment! Five different styles, each one showcasing a different side of our savior’s complex and colorful persona.

InnaSigned Art Prints

High quality signed art prints of my work are available for purchase here. These are beautiful color images suitable for framing.

Prophet Mohammed products

Available now, here and no where else, Prophet Mohammed merchandise, including dressup magnets, and novelty postcards! No where else will you find this amazing item for sale. NO WHERE AT ALL.

Coexist IDIOTS tee shirts

100% Cotton Tees, available only in white for the time being with this religious symbol logo expresses inclusion for all under one simple title. A perfect rebuttal to those obnoxious Unitarian “coexist” shirts.

Coexist IDIOTS bumper stickers
Coexist Idiots Bumper Sticker

These 11″ X 3″ black & white vinyl bumper stickers are an original design. The ideal anti-religion logo that expresses the inclusion for all under one simple title. A perfect rebuttal to those obnoxious Unitarian “coexist” symbols made famous by Bono.

Amazing Strangers of Union Square Postcard

union square matchgame postcard
Woman in pink looking at Matchgame Postcard

As  seen on YouTube, the Amazing Strangers Matchgame postcard can be yours to play along at home! You won’t find anything else like it  on earth. So don’t be left out of the fun everyone’s having with the Amazing Strangers of Union Square!


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