Music Videos

Amazing Strangers Wendell iconOne of my favorite types of videos are the music videos. They’re the ones that I watch again and again. So I’ve started a collection of all the Amazing Strangers set to music vids, including both songs performed by the characters themselves, and actual professionally produced stuff that I’ve pieced random, previously unused footage together for. I swear to God, I don’t understand how any of these get a thumbs down on YouTube. I predict you’ll love them.

“He’s Flying” by Brer

In 2012 Maksim Katsnelson climbed the George Washington statue, was brought down by the police, and later taken away in an ambulance, a woman on the scene started chanting this song, which was then written into a real song and forwarded to me for this music video below.

Hawk (OCD) acoustic  2010 – 2012

Hawk has performed many times for the camera, and despite him thinking we’re making fun of him, we’re not. We love him and his music.

Kameltoe originals 2014

It’s no secret that I love Kameltoe. She’s such a talented girl and has given me many original songs that I’ve made videos for.


“Everyone is Gay” by Great Big World performed by Qween Amor & Roman

This, I feel is one of the most under appreciated music videos I’ve posted. It makes you wait until the end for the fabulous song & dance number, but it’s oh so worth the wait!


Chewy (MC UNdershirt) acoustic

Chewy (Tarzan) aka MC Undershirt has also revealed the talent lurking within. There’s nothing I like more than filming a raw song like this on the street.

“Inna” by Satan’s Balls

I love Inna, and so do a lot of other people. One guy wrote the perfect song for her saying so, and he sent it to me to make into a video, which was so much fun.

“New York, I love you…” by LCD Soundsystem

And last but not least, this video perfectly encapsulates everything I love about Union Square set to a song  written about losing all that.


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