NoBS Radio shows found

Normal Bob & DJ Snakeface 2008

One of my favorite things to have happen is when I think I’ve lost something forever, then suddenly in some completely unpredictable way that thing is found. It’s happened with Amazing Stranger videos, and dressup games I’ve designed, and now it’s happened again! Last week I was contacted by my good friend DJ Snakeface, who some of you may recognize by name. He was the co-host of the second wave of NoBS Radio shows broadcast in 2008. If you haven’t guessed already from the subject title, the discovery is that he did indeed have FIVE of the original shows in his possession! I was stunned. I’d thought they were lost forever.

A huge THANK YOU to DJ Snakeface for coming through backing up these files, and all the work put into producing the show. You need to check out his band, Weapon Eyes and Album – Phantom Power. It can be heard on Spotify or Apple Music. It’s really fuckin cool, old school flavored punk rocker stuff with a sense of humor, a heavy beat and fun Snakeface attitude. You’ll love it!

Anyhow, I’m delighted now to bring those episodes to you. Each one is an hour long, and I’ve been going through them trying and pin down the exact date each was recorded, list their contents with links, and figure out the best way to make them public again. I’ve decided the best way right now is to simply make the mp3 files downloadable directly from the site. Each one is around 40mb and there’s only 5, so it should be simple enough. I presently have episode 10 & 11 ready. Click the NoBS Radio icon to download and I hope you enjoy this trip down  Memory Lane as much as I.

Show #10 w/DJ Snakeface Aug 2008
• Promoting the Unholy Army Tour (Chicago) and the Whiteout of the KY tour.
• Normal Bob talks about the tattoo he wants to get, and the site makeover.
• Commenting on hate mail recordings left on answering machine.
• Discussing the Expelled documentary.
DJ Snakeface spins: Jim & Tammy Fey Bakker “Oops Here Comes a Smile”
& The Louvin Brothers “Satan Lied to Me” 
• I tell the story meeting Jay Bakker about his Punkrock Church in Williamsburg.

Show #11 w/DJ Snakeface Sep 2008
• Normal Bob tells the story of his Mancow conflict & Penn Jillette defense.
• Will Normal Bob be Killed? Question posed in VanAllen family chat.
• Discussing the Amazing Strangers pg 60 w/the Dog Molester & Baby Scenesters, and then Bob’s story of New York Magazine’s search for atheists on the streets.
• Snakeface interviews The Pope in New York City, which leads to a convo about each of our religious upbringings.
DJ Snakeface spins: Armourplate “David” & William S. Burroughs “A One God Universe”

As I go through the rest of these I plan to find a permanent spot on the site for them. 
Oh yeah. Happy 2024!