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Listen. I love what I do. I’d be at Union Square all the time whether I owned a camera or not. Luckily though, I got one soon enough to capture and preserve moments I think make this park so unique.

Here’s what I watch again and again, and think you should too.

It’s rare that I catch suck a long interesting conversation like this, one that also has a beginning, middle and an ending that provides answers. I did it with this one though!

For a guy who’s into punk rock girls, having one come to the rescue and show the love shown here, meant a lot. And if you want the continuation of this story there’s also a Part 2, and Part 3.

I love this video of Alexandra. And for someone like me, a subject to look this awesome & be able to not only tell an interesting story, but actually have one to tell, it’s one that always cracks me up.

This Naked Rat one always makes me smile on sight.


My favorite part about this Classy Peeper video, is when our friend Chris & Greg show up and slowly realize what they came into.

Aww, Zippy was such a cute, lovable kid. Here Shaggy’s on the phone with his mom to assure her he’s looking after him.

And here’s Zippy again after a game of S.K/A.T.E. against Shaggy.


So many different appearances from important Union personalities in this one, and we’re all in that First Days Of Spring energy.

This is actually the second interview with Trips that I’ve done. He clearly doesn’t remember the first one. And the freak accident of actually catching him tripping on video set his name in stone.  Trips is just a character I love to watch.

Any opportunity I have to edit together a story within a video I search it out. I really like how this one about Matty Ice came together.


This was a fun one, finally getting to meet Qween Amor, and the drama with Flips. Typical summer day at the park.

Roman cracks me up. This time hes bowing down to woman at the park and Shaggy and the rest of us teach him how to do it right.

I couldn’t ask for a better helper in making a video happen the way Veronica helped here. It was our introduction to Jeremy is the most delightful of ways.

This one, in my opinion, really painted a picture of where exactly Jeremy was coming from, and it also showed how far our like for him had come.

And I knew while I was filming this that’d it was going to be one of my all time favorite videos. It was just too perfect! I don’t have to say anything more than that.

This video perfectly captures what it is I love about the rare, weird, nice evenings at the Square.


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