New Final Justice JDU!

Yesterday was an exciting day for me because my new Final Justice JDUs finally arrived! And they’re cool as all hell!
Funny side note: I was on the phone with Shaggy last night and I told him exactly this, and you wanna know what his response was?
“You still doin’ that?”
Hell yeah! As long as they keep selling out, I plan to keep making more. And that’s what happened with both the BDSM and Final Justice JDUs.
The new version of Final Justice has finally been brought up to date with more villains (in addition to the old favorites), and its design is finally uniform with all my other sets. I don’t know why for so many years I could not settle on a consistent JesusDressup logo for the series, but now it is so. 

Final Justice Collector’s Series $25

There’s also some new deals too.  As always, you can get the top 6 for 66! Those are my 6 best selling Jesus Dressups for just $66.

Plus, if you’re like me and the Final Justice is your favorite, this is a no-brainer. You can purchase all 3 versions for only $25. This includes the first printing from 2006 with Tinky Winky, Marilyn Manson & Freddy Krueger, the 2012 version with Donnie Darko, and the new 2024 version with GG Allin, Jimmy Savile, Evil Knievel and Anton LaVey! The Final Justice Triple Threat Collector’s Series for $25.

There are obviously several repeat outfits amongst these, but it’s a rare moment in time where you can have every version of Final Justice JDU ever made while supplies last!