NoBS Radio Shows 2008 – 09?

DJ Snakeface & Normal Bob 2008

Over a decade and a half later NoBS Radio is finally found and accessible again! Episodes 10, 11, 12, 14, and 15 have all been restored. Episode 13 has yet to be located. I’ve also been having difficulty figuring out the exact dates each was recorded. They all seem to indicate late 2008 or early 2009, but I’m completely uncertain of this. Are you into solving mysteries on the web like this? If through clues in the shows, Wayback, or other methods, you can solve this. I am interested. In fact, I’m willing to offer a FREE set of JDU magnets of your choice for each show’s year, month, date? If you got the proof you can got some magnets! I’d love to hear from you.

Show #12 w/DJ Snakeface Nov 2008
• We talk about our Expelled documentary experience.
• We’re both terribly excited about meeting Yana Iguana at Snakemonkey and the help she provided for the site revamp. Speaking of Snakemonkey, check out Rachel Amodeo’s “What About Me?”
• Amazing Stranger’s Ramblin’ Bill and the Peepers page & Peepers Gothamist appearance.
Super Chics Blaze & Jen (Severed Moi), Brandy, Messy Stench discussed.
DJ Snakeface spins: “Diary of a Fetus” by Li’l Marky & The Feeders “Jesus Entering from the Rear”

Show #14 w/DJ Snakeface 2008, 2009?
• Talk about George Carlin intro & gf Normal Bobby Smith
• We listen to fan made show promos to win a contest of some sort.
• We read from and discuss the latest page of hate mail – page 374 & 375.
Super Chics additions and updates all around!
• Snakeface “Eat the Bible” challenge.
• Amazing Strangers Dog Molester updates, and I answer Bonnie’s questions about the Peepers and Normal Bob tells stories about his arguments with the Jesus freaks at Union Square Park.
• We discuss the back-masking scare in the 80s in heavy metal music
DJ Snakeface spins: Alice Donut “Lisa’s Father” & Sammy Hall “Hole in my Soul” &  G.G. Allin and the Murder Junkies “Highest Power”

Show #15 w/DJ Snakeface 2009 (a few glitches & hiccups in the recording, but mostly fine.)
• My visit to the 9th precinct after threat by Islamic org from page 380 of Hate Mail
• Normal Bob tells some stories about being approached in NYC becuz of my crucified satan tattoos.
The Toys R Us JDU story as told on page 382 of hate mail.
• Talks about Bob Smith USA and my 2nd visit to ASU.
Amazing Strangers pg 71 w/Freddy & Tony dancing, Clint Howard, Gravers, Junkies & Christians at the Square. • • • YouTube was not yet allowing for lengthy, hi-res vids so we’re asking for streaming service suggestions.  
DJ Snakeface spins: Alice Cooper “Second Coming” & Baby Lu-Lu “Jesus Loves Me” & King Missile “Jesus Was Way Cool”

And of course Episodes 10 and 11 can be viewed on the previous page. I’m unsure yet if there’s a need to find a permanent place for these on the main site somewhere, but I’ll be sure to announce it if that occurs.
I hope that these are enjoyed.