The files of Kun, and it’s almost Comic Con!
I’m not sure if anyone’s been keeping up with the additions to the latest page of Hate Mail. There’s definitely been a trend of hate mailers sending me their absurd religious jabber, then right after it’s posted publicly some random disaster strikes them leading to their command to have all letters taken down. Sometimes it’s a ruining of a job interview or a death in the family. Today it’s the loss of a fiance. I’m sorry, but there’s just too many instances of the worst thing that’s ever happened to them happening right when their stupidity goes public. I invite you to judge for yourself with the files of Kun.

That all said and done, there’s definitely happy news to share! I am officially ready for Comic Con to begin! And there’s still a couple days left until it does!!! Who do you ever hear say shit like that!!?!

I’ve got a whole crew of excited, anxious, sexy girls ready to go, several surprises set in place to spring on certain targets. And I think I’m even prepared to capture the magic on video for the rest of you to see in Internet Land! This event is such a big deal for me. It’s a chance to spread the news about everything I’ve been doing here to one gargantuan crowd all at once. My hopes are high, and you can bet when I return on Monday I’ll have stories, photos and vids to share. I think I’ll even be keyed up enough to offer updates as it’s happening, so stay abreast! News will be plentiful.


4 thoughts on “The files of Kun, and it’s almost Comic Con!”

  1. is it just me or does karma have a habit of paying close and careful attention to your hate-mailers? karma or cause-and-effect .. choose your own definition ..

  2. Let’s just face it, people who turn to faith based religions are emotionally and psychologically bankrupt, they have chosen to accept blind faith as more viable than logic, reason and their own common sense, mainly because they have been publicly hazed to seal the deal with baptism and are expected to witness to the public like a circus clown because they have been threatened by undue influence by religious authorities with the threat of a burning hell if they do not conform to the ancient superstitious teachings of the buybull.

  3. Well, Kun doesent seem to have much faith now does he. If he did, he would ‘see’ that it was HIS GODS WILL that he losw his fiance. Li don’t know if she simply left him because he believes in talking snakes(I have a boa constrictor, and it doesent talk:() or if she passed away. Either way, if he TRULY HAS FAITH IN THE BIBLE he would KNOW that this is how it should be, how his god planned it.
    Or, maybe he realized if there were a Jesus that loved him and his genius IQ, that he would not have put him thru falling in love with someone just to lose them.
    Welcome to the beginning of reality Kun!

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