I was once a reason for owning firearms.

So, remember a while ago when a hate mailer named Ray called me a maggot and said I was the reason he owned firearms? Well, every once in a while I get a “Please remove my emails from your site” letter, and this time “Ray” seems like he just might be coming around.

I’m always asked if this sort of thing happens, so here’s a classic example of when it does. The letters of Ray Blank


6 thoughts on “I was once a reason for owning firearms.”

  1. It may be Ray is experiencing genuine remorse at sending his antagonistic, hateful letters to you and wishes they be stricken from the record so he is not reminded of his past hateful self.


    He is looking for a job and is now realizing the crap a person vomits unto the internet, under their own name, is extremely prejudicial to an employer. Even an employer who gave brownie points to supplicants who bespoke lovingly of inserting their proboscis deep into the anal cavity of Jesus Christ would hesitate to engage a person who mailed threats and insults as Ray did.

    Bob, I encourage you not to act in haste in your decision to either take down Ray’s vile threats or leave Ray’s posts in all their grammatical splendor. I think you should consider the matter a fair number of years to be sure of doing the right thing. Just think of how disastrous it would be to hire a person who decides the treatment of clients by first analyzing their religious preferences.

    Speaking for myself, the only communication that would entice me to remove Ray’s creepy correspondence is a direct, heartfelt, blasphemy of the holy spirit witnessed by a Notary Public. Some (Christian) bible literalists believe this type of blasphemy is the only absolute (no take backs) way of condemning yourself to the neither regions☧. Surely, such brinkmanship bravado would signal Ray’s chagrin of his past puerile postings.

    Ray seems very concerned about children. As we have repeatedly seen in the phalanx of Republican politicians whose glans have become caught in their zippers, those who speak the loudest against something, are likely to participate in the activity.

    ☧ By “neither regions” I am not speaking of the rear end of my trousers, I am referring to hell (H, E, double toothpicks), the location so elegantly immortalized in song by the Ozark Mountain Dare Devils, as a location of: “Ice cold women and red hot beer.”

  2. I like how Ray came around and it’s a good compromise to remove his last name yet post the entire chain within its context. I’m confounded by his turnaround and really hope its genuine.

  3. Sounds to me like someone is “making amends”, which fits when you compare the apoplectic lunacy of the old Ray to the contrite humility of the new Ray. Still wouldn’t turn my back on the guy though!

  4. In this economy? My vote is the job thing. Who’s more notorious than Normal Bob when it comes to Google rankings?

    I say put his name back and let Ray think about his crazy crazy words for a few more years. Besides, he’s still Google-cached – it’s not like employers still aren’t going to see it. 🙂

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