More colorful complaints from striking imaginations!

Again, I have a wide range of assorted hate mail from all over the place! And just for your information, I have been working dilligently on the Find Jesus game which is so astronomically time consumming you wouldn’t even believe, but I’m having so much fun drawing Union Square I can’t stop myself! Unfortunatly the updates for the rest of the site have suffered and your complaints have been coming in.

I’m doing the best I can, goddammit! I ache to please all, but my first priority is me, because I’m a good person with value no matter what you all say! Um, is this a bad time to also mention that I’m available for hire? Hire me! I’m worth the dollar, and my clients return to me again and again, because I’m good.


10 thoughts on “More colorful complaints from striking imaginations!”

  1. Well Bob, I’ve been praying for quite some time that you invite jesus into your “heart”, but you must have a heart made of solid steel, because jesus does not carry around a blow torch with him, so he can’t get in your heart.

    Ya see Bob, when we are born, we aren’t born with jesus in our hearts, so we have to learn about jesus and an assortment of nonsense through indoctrination and repeated ancient scripture from our parents and preachers, that we need to invite jesus into our hearts.

    Although our “heart’s” only function is to pump blood, we need to be fooled through indoctrination and repeated ancient scripture (or deception through total ignorance), that our hearts need to have jesus invited into our hearts, otherwise we are nothing and totally worthless without jesus or allah or mohammad or buddha in our hearts, it’s just depending upon where you are born and raised as a child.

    So just say, jesus or allah or mohammad or buddha, (or your favorite god) to come into your heart, and he (or they) will live and reside in your heart forever, and this is the truth.

  2. Bob,

    Has the world lost their sense of humor, or have the Christians been sipping the Kool-Aid again? This site is pretty dark, gothic, and funny. But then if you do what I do for a living . . . well after sending Muslims to hell all day with my M-4 I like to sit back, sip a cold one, and laugh.
    So uh, see you in hell. (If there is one.)

    Freedom of Speech, Press, and religion (or chosing not to believe at all). Just a few of the things the US Army has been providing for 236 years. Don’t let ANYONE under any guise, take that from you.

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  4. I’ve been reading your hate mail and your replies, and one thing bugs me. You capitalize the word “he” or “him” when referring to God or Jesus. I know this is a common practice but one that I have learned to quit using. I always thought it was ridiculous (even when I was religious) to capitalize those words when referring to a deity since they are not proper nouns. Furthermore, it always seems like you only see this practice in reference to the Judeo-Christian god. Rarely will you ever see Christians refer to Allah, Zeus, or Mithra with the capitalized “he.”

    Maybe I’m just being nitpicky, but I think that continued use of this practice gives Christianity more legitimacy than it deserves. But what I find unusual is that this practice is used by an atheist with a “Jesus dress-up” site. For someone to be so blasphemous and irreverent, it’s odd to see this archaic form of respect for a deity.

  5. grizbonton me? lol. no way in hell. You been stalking me & other forums on aol for years. Thanks for taking my statement about when I said you were a net troll & stalker. I wonder why you’re the one wanted by the fbi and on their site and other multiple websites for stalking aol posters.

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  8. Grizbonton don’t let stacy come out now you’re alter ego. I’m calling the law and telling them you’re stalking people again.

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