3 thoughts on “Funny people = funny complaints”

  1. Well, I really didn’t like all of your mocking Jesus, or Mohammud or such, and most of all, I find it incredibly sad of your “Revenge, self-mockery” page. It seemed to me you have no respect for your own dignity.

    God loves you alot, whether you believe it or not. =) And yea, I do realise you’re a very intelligent person, and sometimes, guys too intelligent often falls into the problem of doubting God. But as long as you’re alive, there is hope for you.

    God bless you, and I shall pray for you too.

  2. I like how the person above me stated that intelligent people often don’t believe in God. Reminds me of a recent Christian video I saw where the person starts off his presentation by bewailing the fact that the majority of scientists are atheist. Good start to your video, remind everyone that all the smart people are atheists.

  3. Bob you’re just “too intelligent”, you need to step back and dumb yourself down a bit, say to the level of a 5 year old child, because god don’t like smart people, you make him look less intelligent than you, and he don’t like dat shit.

    Now I want someone to tell me why would anyone in their “right mind,” pretend to worship a god that supposedly has all the resources and ability to end and put a stop to all sickness, suffering and evil, but chooses not to?

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