11 thoughts on “Hate mail returns!”

  1. Diane,
    Thanks for the reminder that there are sad, worthless people on our side too. It helps to keep things in perspective. Now, kindly go away.

  2. It’s funny how the muslims name eachother “GOD,” or muhammed…or whatever…
    don’t you think your god would be pissed off?, that you name yourself and your crummy
    half retarded children…after him?? if god was real…he’s probably in turmoil knowing his
    legacy is being run by 3rd world morons…who can’t even properly wipe their asses…don’t bathe…
    don’t shower…and lastly, they don’t think before they speak…since your the self proclaimed
    sponsor or REP, for god….we see how he must really be…
    GOD has ALL the retards…(and I’m happy not believing in such madness)
    MOHAMMED, or whatever your fake name is, you must learn how to wipe your butt, before Bob
    and others like him, could ever take you seriously…small children know how to wipe their ass…
    why don’t you man? its easy… :o) and diane….your just dumb/ weird. maybe you can teach mohammed how to wipe his ass…(i said maybe)

  3. Is this the hate mail section??!! oops!! sorry Bob….I’ve been commenting in here “ABOUT’ the hate mail!!! hahaa…..oh well….it’s fun…I like encountering douche bags from god.
    makes me feel NORMAL.

  4. Mohammed….you go wipe your butt, like I told ya!!!
    I’m going to start making some wiping videos for you, and Diane…
    you just wait!!! it’s gonna be a slice of awesomeness….
    the training montage will be inspirational….
    the ROCKY movie training theme tune shall suffice for this project.
    Eye of the tiger…eye of the tiger baby.
    god..if you can hear me…plz….kill us all.
    thanks, SIN-cerly,

  5. ok….so I’m watching this commercial…its a fake plastic dog, the kids seem to enjoy it’s
    company…infact, they are easily enthralled and entertained with this plastic, voice activated
    puppy…and I’m like wow….
    this is similiar in which, the role their god plays for them, dumb fucks…interesting.
    it all makes sense now. And by sending Bob their hate mail, it gives them a better seat in heaven?
    god doesn’t pay my mortgage. god is ony good for ont thing:
    sending retards like you to fight some fictitious war of morality.
    most people know right from wrong….without much help…but you christians…need to be TOLD, you need to be taught….otherwise you ALL willingly stray from YOUR path.
    its all calculated bullshit….your the real evil in this world..”AND HE WILL FOOL THE WHOLE WORLD.” revelations or something right??? right…. :o)

  6. What a great conversation to overhear. If they really believe they are the right church, then surely that means the worship service is being done the right way, and the sermons are being preached correctly, and nobody is doing anything that God does not want them to do. So why change anything? Why not just let people leave if they want to, and be confident that you are running your church properly and God knows what he is doing?

    It just shows how insecure Christian preachers really are. I wonder if this pastor has a real-life job to fall back on, or if being a pastor is basically his only means of support. If the latter is the case, then I can certainly see why he would be worried that his congregation is shrinking. I guess he could always go pastor another church, but think how embarrassing it would be to explain that his last job ended because nobody wanted to hear him preach!

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