8 thoughts on “The 500th page of Hate Mail!”

  1. The last paragraph that jason rodriguez guy wrote, seemed like a Rod Serling Bit…
    and he mentions hell…with “curtling screams”…
    “curtling screams?” sounds like a brand of breakfast cereal designed by Gene Simmons..or Ed fucking Gein.
    (i love reading the hate mail either way!)

  2. Congrats on 500 pages Bob! That blasphemer cop will spend an eternity being force fed Curtling Screams (now with more ripping limbs!) cereal in the realm of the sweat sock, while us true believers will live forever in the realm of cute CGI polar bears who somehow obtain and consume Coke.

  3. I haven’t read all of Bob’s hatemail, i think they are a little boring, but i did read this one,

    FINALLY: A real concept. this is art.

    brillant. he actually weaved a thought. a begining, middle and an end.

    something more than just childish finger pointing. which is really unattractive in a 42 year old who should be like more well traveled; ‘deeper’/ thoughtful.

  4. Another work of genius! Reminds me of the qwerty story and that other time you worshipped and thank a bug in a jar on behalf of another hate mailer. These parables really highlight the flaws of religious thinking in such a clever and creatively amusing way! Bob, you never cease to entertain and I’d say that page 500 is a hell of a keeper.

    Hope that cop burns forever in grey sock hell as he so richly deserves it after defiling coke bottle. Poor defenseless coke bottle must be weeping endlessly sitting on his icy throne in CGI polar bear heaven.

  5. As we are at page 500, may I take this opportunity to thank you for “such a consistant flow of hate mail delivered to [my] doorstep, along with some sort of flippant response.”
    I have enjoyed every one

  6. I wonder where Jason heard such ignorant nonsense from, let me guess, from a preacher or in a church. But he don’t have anything to worry about because he’s got his Jebus insurance policy, so he wants you to believe the same thing he does so he won’t have to feel like such a stupid fucking fool.

  7. “Do you think Jesus is offended by you? I know him pretty well and I would think not. So you wear makeup and imitate satan? That guys a chump. He already lost, and you have decided thats the team to be on huh?”

    Good grief! It’s like arguing with a toddler about the monster under his bed! No matter how many times you show him that there is nothing there except lint, a dirty t-shirt, and a broken GI Joe, he will insist that the monster is there, even if you can’t see it. We expect toddlers to believe in all manner of invisible things because they cannot yet make sense of their world in any logical way. It is very sad when adults like Jason believe the same shit as a scared three-year-old kid.

    Your story of the sock and the Coke bottle has GOT to be animated!

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