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  1. Oh hell Bob, you’ve lost a great oportunity to be like Saul/Paul whom killed many christians for years and then had a vision of jebus and changed his name to Paul and became a Saint, now he’s in heaven wit jebus.

    So now, you could change your name from Bob to Rob and now you’ll become Saint Rob.

    Of course first you must have a vision of jebus, perhaps he will come flying down in NYC one day on a magic carpet…I’m not sure he can handle all the traffic and noise…lol

  2. The neglectful Aunt cant seem to remember the age of her quickly ageing young niece, at this rate by next week she’ll be 9 years old! and by June she’ll be drinking!

  3. Ah, yes. John 3:16. The verse that Never Has to be Taken in Context.

    The verse that says, “Daddy let his son get killed so it would absorb all the bad things you do, as long as you believe it.”

    It means Christians can do whatever the fuck they want, without taking responsibility for it. One marvels at why they don’t use this verse as defense in court. “Your honor, the defendant believes in Jesus; therefore he is Not Guilty of raping that baby! Your honor, the Defense Rests.”


  4. The world is populated with D students. When you wrap your brain around that little fact, everything is explained. If only stupid would be painful to the practitioner and not those around ’em!

  5. Whenever someone says God is not evil, I like to throw this verse at them: “I make peace and create evil; I, the Lord, do all these things.” (Isaiah 45:7) God, himself, admits to creating evil!

  6. Bob, when are you gonna upload stuff from your Arizona visit? I wanna see all those great pictures you took.

  7. Mr. Bob,
    I am not really good at the whole ‘hate’ junk, but I certainly am not a fan, so I suppose this is where anything I have to say would go.
    I am eighteen, so basically I think I know everything like any other eighteen year old. 😉 Okay just kidding. I don’t know very much actually. I was just looking around your site and saw your response to someone’s question about how you became an atheist. I thought that it was interesting that you said that you felt lost, betrayed, and angry. I am a bit of a nerd and so whenever I do my Bible reading I dig into the culture and meaning of words and everything in addition to simply what the scripture says. A couple months ago I was studying some of the old testament concerning the Jewish law and how it related to the new testament and Jesus. It was really an intense study and I couldn’t figure it out in just a day or so. So, after many books, a lot of conversations with various people (Christians and not christians a like) I figured it out, but during that time I had the same feelings as you did. I just found that interesting.
    Now, you made the choice to take your feelings and your thoughts and turn away from all ideas of God, and make this website. I think it is amazing that you were given the choice to do that. My hope, though, is in Jesus, and I don’t think I could continue through part of my life with out him.
    I promise. I am not brain washed or anything, I just have a different interpretation of the same facts that you have. I wasn’t brought up in a Christian home. I didn’t even attend church until I was thirteen. I do not agree with my pastor on everything. (i.e. we have different views on…. the death penalty and war and various things).
    So, I guess my point was just that we are kind of a like in the sense that we both made decisions and followed them whole-heartedly. I think there is one difference (aside from our beliefs), though, and I hope you do not take any offense in my saying what I think that it is. I think that the difference is that when God is brought up in a conversation of mine I discuss it with love. When abortion is brought up in a conversation I am sad but try to be loving and have compassion. it’s tough. When I am attacked with varying views I listen and (although sometimes I fail)I try to understand and then (if the prsn is up for it) I try to explain what I think with as much respect as I can.
    You having your own views is great, but is there a better way to express them? What is the point in trying to bash other people?
    Thanks for reading this!


  8. Lily wrote: “I promise. I am not brain washed or anything, I just have a different interpretation of the same facts that you have.”

    Yes, you are brainwashed, Lily. The only reason you are a Christian is because that is the kind of culture you grew up in. If you had been born and raised in India, you would now be telling us that the Hindu gods are really, really real, you can feel the love of Krishna in your heart and you are blessed by Vishnu. People tend to choose the religion they are most familiar with, not something they never heard of before. God did not reach inside your brain and rewire it so that you started worshiping him, you simply believed whatever you were told by your family, friends, and pastors.

    “I think that the difference is that when God is brought up in a conversation of mine I discuss it with love.”

    The God of the Bible is not about love, he is about killing and maiming and burning and punishing. You can hardly turn a page of the Old Testament without encountering God slaughtering people left, right, and center, the innocent with the guilty, men, women, children, infants, fetuses in the womb, even animals. And when he isn’t killing them himself, he is commanding people to do the killing for him. Never does he express the slightest regret or sadness for it. The New Testament is not much better, what with God being unable to forgive anyone unless his son is tortured and bled to death on a cross. That is not love, that is sadism. You may think loving thoughts about God as much as you want, but he is not thinking lovingly about you. He is probably contemplating you as his next human sacrifice, a pleasing aroma unto the Lord.

    “You having your own views is great, but is there a better way to express them? What is the point in trying to bash other people?”

    In other words, you believe in freedom of speech, EXCEPT when it comes to people mocking your favorite deity, then everyone must keep quiet. Where would the world be if everyone respected every idea and every belief, no matter how silly? Doesn’t it seem silly to YOU when Muslims get on their hands and knees, stick their butts in the air, put their foreheads on the ground, and pray to Allah? Doesn’t it seem silly when Hindus do their rituals with incense and prayer flags and statues? Your beliefs are just as ludicrous, and they deserve to be mocked. I have no more respect for your beliefs than I do for the guy who is scared of black cats and the number 13.

    Moreover, your beliefs are dangerous. Christianity’s entire history is filled to the brim with violence, war, hatred, bigotry, rape, child abuse, and intolerance that still goes on today. It is an insane belief system that condemns to everlasting torture anyone who doesn’t worship God exactly the right way. Why should we respect that, or allow you to continue to be a part of it without mocking you?

  9. Excellent response Lois, What a lot of Christians do not know is, when they take Holy Communion, they are actually pretending to eat Jesus’ body, by drinking his blood (wine) and his flesh (wafers), to eat Jesus body was a commandment he made for his disciples after his death, and they ate his physical body that’ the reason it was not in the tomb, they ate him before his body started to decompose.

    Christianity is nothing more than a barbaric cannibalistic cult born out of pure ignorance.

    Lilly read: John ch:6: 51-56 Jesus commands the only way to heaven is to eat him, that’s why it’s called the Last Super, enjoy

  10. “Bod bless you Bob”? What? Although I guess that’s better than Bod bless you Gob…

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