6 thoughts on “April 1st, 2009 Hate mail & art”

  1. Hey Bob, I’m enjoying the hate.

    I just wanted to pop in and mention this new Facebook-like site for atheists that I’ve really been groovin’ on. It’s Atheist Nexus. It’s got most of the facebook stuff, but it’s an atheist thing. I’ve got a page I’ve been playing around on a week:

    Rev Hellbound Alleee

    I don’t think Miss Pickles knows this, but Easter has more meaning than celebrating death. It’s about fertility. Honestly: where does she see the name “Jesus” in the word “Easter?” Ostare, Ishtar, they are all this spring queen whose familiar is, get this, a rabbit. One with big balls. A bigass fertile rabbit that the Goddess made from some kind of chicken to keep it from getting eaten. So now this big male Hare the Germans still call Oskar Hase can lay eggs. Wild, eh? And no, I’m not making it up.

    So, yeah. Easter is way more about eating chocolate than bloody dead things on sticks.

  2. It always brings a smile to my face to see the hatemail pages. Thanks for making my day once again, my friend!

  3. Wait a minute…I thought that the order was Plan A was the garden of Eden and that Plan B, far from being Jesus, was the mass murder of 99.99999% of all the people on earth, along with the kittens and puppies and baby rabbits and elephants and what not. By my reasoning, Jesus is something like Plan R…long after all the other mass murders commited personally by HIM or by his followers at HIS command. Of course slaughtering your own son….I guess that would be harder than slaying the sons of everyone in Egypt. Unless of course nothing bad comes of it, unless you feel that the idea of Jesus coming to live with you and sit by your right hand for eternity isnt a bad thing. Then its pretty easy.

  4. Heh. Jesus was God’s version of the morning-after pill. I love it. “Plan B”. That’s rich.

    I wasn’t aware that omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent beings needed backup plans – wouldn’t such a being “know, “always have known,” and “always will know” what’s going to happen? Why would God “not know about the failure of Plan A” and then have to go back and fix it with something else? Some “intelligent design!”

  5. How can the omnimax God need a plan B? Who wants a God so fragile in ego that it does so many disgusting things to us just to feel empowered?

  6. Re: Hate mail

    “Guilt Mop & The New Innocents”

    Fucking priceless. I love you more than Jesus ever did, Bob, and I’ve never even met you. Keep up the good work, it’s so much better than the Good News!

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