April 8th, 2009 Jesus Dressup for sale at Walmart this Easter!

So it’s Easter time and Walmart just started selling Jesus Dressup fridge magnets. Don’t believe me? Here’s the video to prove it!

No joke. These sets were bought at both the Princeton, NJ & Nassua Park, NJ Walmarts, so THAT makes it official! More details can be found at the Catholic Forums message boards.

Please share this magical Easter miracle with everybody you know! And if you’re truly filled with the spirit of Easter download the video mp4 here and upload it to your YouTube, Google or Myspace video profile.

Happy Easter from Jesus Dressup… and Walmart!


6 thoughts on “April 8th, 2009 Jesus Dressup for sale at Walmart this Easter!”

  1. *claps* Bravo. 🙂 I don’t think you’ll be able to reach Wal-Mart for comment…

  2. Jesus Christ!!! They’re selling those at WAL-MART??? And who says
    there is’nt a Go– wait a minute– i’m think i’m
    getting things twisted here,,,)–x3#…./……

  3. Unfortunately I have some insight on how this happened as I work at a Wal-Mart.

    Anyone who works on the sales floor at any Wal-Mart has the ability to add any item with a barcode to the Wal-Mart inventory, it is really quite easy.

    I had come close to doing it at my own Wal-Mart. Sadly though, even though I don’t really care for my job, the money they pay me keeps me in my apartment.

  4. But the girl in the video showed a RECIEPT!!

    How do you account for that?

    Besides, if it was “planted” I tend to think Wal-Mart
    would have issued a cease-and-desist order by now.

    Especially with the 100+ million christian “spies” we have in this country.

    I don’t mean this offensively but I will say:
    your point stands on wobbly knees……

  5. I was quite intrigued with this J.D.U. Kits at Wally World video and a two things caught my eye that make me wonder.

    1. The video has an edit when the girl shows her receipt. At 28 seconds, she shows a receipt for a ‘cross kit’ and the item purchased number on the bottom is 1. At 29 seconds, the receipt suddenly has an item purchase count of 4 including skincare products, light bulbs, gum(?), and then the cross kit.

    2. The price on the single item receipt shows the cross kit at $5.18 with tax. If they (wallyworld) are selling it for that price, Bob, are you getting ripped off or did they buy like a 100,000 sets to get a bulk discount?

    I have my suspicions to the legitimacy of the video.

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