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Coilhouse Interview

Normal Bob Smith
Normal Bob Smith with framed picture of a giant Jesus is a site you needed to know about even before they interviewed me for their site. “A love letter to Alternative Culture” is the perfect description of what they do. You’ll probably find yourself bookmarking it and appreciating the original information about the alt world you never knew about on an impressively regular basis. This is a warm thank you to my friends at


Pulling the Plug

So Skater Bob and I are hangin’ out at Union Square trying to enjoy the beautiful day while there’s not only an obnoxious Christian band playing in the center of the park, but their god-awful power generator is behind us booming like 20 broken lawnmowers. That’s when Skater Bob had this genius idea…..

And if you’re interested in pulling the plug on this band they’ll be at Union Square again next week – Sunday Nov. 2nd, 2008. See for yourself, it’s just as much fun as it looks.

‘No God’ slogans for city’s buses

Wonderful story about advertising atheism on the sides of buses in the UK. Again, thanks to Richard Dawkins. Now let’s make this happen here in the U.S.
‘No God’ slogans for city’s buses

Bendy-buses with the slogan “There’s probably no God” could soon be running on the streets of London. [Click to continue]

And it seems to be a well funded campaign! Check this out…

Normal Bob Declared Military Target

Islamic Organization declares Normal Bob a Military Target

“we declare you an millitary target for our organization here in NYC.”

Subject: Your satanic website

Date: Aug. 14th, 2008

Mr. “Normal” Bob: We want say you that we dont take care about that you make a joke an ridiculize the prophet Jesus of Nazareth, but making a joke and make an offensive comic of Our Prophet Muhammad is a Big Sin and a offense to Allah, the Unique God. Because we declare you an millitary target for our organization here in NYC. Your days over earth will finish soon.

Vladimir Balza

I’m not sure if it makes any difference but just for the record, in my beliefs it’s not a “Big Sin” to mock Muhammad. I realize that you wrote me your death threat without any details of my “religion” so I’ll allow you to retract your military threat now that you understand its no offense to me.Sorry for the confusion, but seriously, you can’t expect everyone in the world to believe all the same things you believe, otherwise that’d make us all the same religion, and who’d want a whole world of militant Islamic Fundamentalists? Allah? I don’t think so.Thank you for the email, and sorry about the misunderstanding. You can stop targeting me now.


An offense can not be retracted

Sorry, Mr. Bob. An offense can not be retracted, neither the consecuenses. Is not a threat, your sin will be punished. Allah forgive you.

Vladimir Balza

Well, shit. Then I might as well just keep the site up and mock Muhammad ’til my “earth days are over,” huh?

Thank you for all the advanced warnings, and plan updates. Keep me in the loop.