Wendell’s Hat Thief

Amazing Strangers Wendell iconSpring truly sprang yesterday when Wendell had his hat swiped off the top of his head by some crazy kid. And he seriously WOULD NOT give it back!

He taunted Wendell, and everybody else, kicking it around with the whole park chasing him. I was shocked when Wendell somehow found a way to snag the kid’s wallet. That’s when the true standoff ensued.

But wait, this is New York City, so of course a marching band comes right into the middle of the chaos, and the hat thief starts it in with them too. Kicking their money jar halfway across the park, he showed off both his complete lack of regard for anything, as well as some killer dance moves.

Because Wendell was able to get into the kid’s wallet we found out he’s actually a student at The New School! And if you pay close attention you’ll notice that Wendell was able to stick the wallet back into the kid’s pocket after getting his hat. I was impressed.

Anyhow, the last we saw of the hat thief was the girl who was crouched, speaking with him earlier in the video walked him away from the park. There was no sign of him for the rest of the evening. It was a wacky afternoon at the Square to be sure! Also, here are some other photos taken from that same beautiful day.

20 days later…