This time I’m dead, for REAL! Jay the Mtn Framer returns
First of all I want to give a shout out to my new store item, the clever & hilarious bumper stickers that I’m sure you’ve seen already. I’m just way too proud of a daddy to let it go already. Check ’em out and buy, because I can’t wait to see pictures of ’em on cars! That all said, Jay the Mtn Framer has returned and he’s blowin’ up like a ripe volcano!! He’s seriously someone you’ll doubt is for real, but I swear he is. Go see for yourself! He’s been commenting up and down and all around past comment sections. But don’t take him without huge grain of salt. He’s proud of his hate for me, so that’s not the problem. He just likes being the center of attention. And there’s also an inspiring reality check fan letter from the UK in the sidebar, so enjoy this, another exciting page of hate mail.


17 thoughts on “This time I’m dead, for REAL! Jay the Mtn Framer returns”

  1. What’s kind of funny is that in his delirium, he is revealing just how much of a self-righteous, anger-prone xenophobic racist he is. That’s sure to help his cause… It’s like he’s thinking “Oh man, if I had my way, this slanderous SOB would be six feet under already… Not deleting my carefully worded thoughts!… grumbles… Hey! I got an idea! All muslims are homicidal maniacs, right? And Bob got that DressUp thing of Moohammad! So all I have to do is get in touch with the first muslim I can find, and he’ll be on his way to behead Bob before we’re even finished talking! And I’ll have nothing to do with it!”

  2. I seriously think you should consider making your Facebook strictly “friends only” like everyone else, cause it has all this info about you and is entirely public…

  3. Bob, does this guy ‘jay’ have any intelligence in his head at all? Does he seriously think that aggressively advertising your website (for free) to many muslims is suppose to discourage you? I mean…you ARE trying to get as much publicity as you can right? Jay must be really dense.

  4. Jihad Jay is obviously a True Christian who will go straight to heaven the second he dies, because God just can’t live without him. God LOVES rednecks so much that they automatically get a free pass to heaven the moment they are conceived in the wombs of their inbred mothers! So you are better off being the heathen unbeliever that you are, Bob–you don’t want to spend eternity in heaven with all the Jays of the world. I wonder if he realizes that everything he says is a blow against the very religion he wants everyone to join?

  5. “what kind of an idiot would post something on the net that he was afraid for the world to see anyway??”

    Hmmm…. Jay the Mountain Framer????

  6. Jay has his whole reputation at stake as being a fair minded and honest “True Christian” that he like so many of his religious cohorts, have falsely portrayed themselves in front of so many other pretentious Christians (and his false god) that he is afraid they will Google up his name and they will see him for just what a self-righteous two-faced lying hypocrite he really is. If Jay is a “True Christian”, then I’m the Prime Minister Of China!

  7. I really think you could get the authorities involved, Bob. His threats sound very serious to me. It’s not too hard to trace where his emails came from… Just look in the headers for the IP address it came from, do an iptrace, and you at least know what city he hails from. The FBI can take care of the rest.

  8. Who the fuck is this moron! He MUST be from Texas as we have lots of bible banging idiots here! He’s your typical bullshit internet tough-guy…all talk and bullshit.

  9. how about this one:

    “Against stupidity, the gods themselves contend in vain.”

    -Friedrich von Schiller

  10. I don’t know why you don’t just push him to “call the jihads” and then have nothing happen. Then we could just laugh at his impotence…

  11. I was trying every trick I knew to get him to do it. Then I realized it was 100% bluff. He even said in one of his letters he knew it wouldn’t work. He was just hoping my fear was real so the empty threat would be enough.

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