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This time I’m dead, for REAL! Jay the Mtn Framer returns

First of all I want to give a shout out to my new store item, the clever & hilarious bumper stickers that I’m sure you’ve seen already. I’m just way too proud of a daddy to let it go already. Check ’em out and buy, because I can’t wait to see pictures of ’em on cars! That all said, Jay the Mtn Framer has returned and he’s blowin’ up like a ripe volcano!! He’s seriously someone you’ll doubt is for real, but I swear he is. Go see for yourself! He’s been commenting up and down and all around past comment sections. But don’t take him without huge grain of salt. He’s proud of his hate for me, so that’s not the problem. He just likes being the center of attention. And there’s also an inspiring reality check fan letter from the UK in the sidebar, so enjoy this, another exciting page of hate mail.