The Rodney Dream

I’d like to introduce you to Rebekah. A while back she sent me letters explaining how bothered she was about the things I’d done and said about Jesus. After a full back & forth (The Rebekah Knight Files) where I compared Jesus to a clay skull worshiped blindly by cults, I received another correspondence from her where she described a dream she’d just had about me, and Jesus, and God. Being the snarky cartoonist that I am, I could not help but illustrate that dream for her. This is how all of that went.

Rebekah Knight 2008
Rebekah Knight 2008

Hi Bob,
I wonder if you remember me, I am one of the people in your so called ‘hate mail’ section. (although there was no hate in me in my correspondence to you) ;0)

I wrote to you quite some time ago, and we had a few conversations. I felt then that God had spoken to me that you would have a saul experience, where by God came and showed himself to Saul, (who was at the time a man who persecuted christians) Made Saul blind for three days, and when he was restored, he was told to go and preach the gospel of Christ. He was renamed Paul.
Recently someone wrote to me and reminded me of our conversations, I often think of you from time to time, This morning I was in a spiritual vision with Jesus and he showed me you. For some reason he named you Rodney, which comes from the word Hroda, a Germanic name meaning “fame”.

The Dream

Rodney Dream frame 1

You were dressed as Satan with red face paint on and horns and you stood before Jesus feeling a little silly, as he gently washed off the paint. He was very kind and gentle with you. Then he started to do a work on you, I saw him replace your heart and breathe new life into you.



Rodney Dream frame 2He kept pounding you with waves of his power, 3 times, he got you to stand but you fell, again he lifted you, but you fell, then he shouted into your inner most being “ARISE!!!! I AM ALIVE!!!!!!” it was as if all power in heaven and earth shook when he shouted those words.

Rodney Dream frame 3

You arose, strong and tall then you flopped into a throne like chair.

Rodney Dream frame 4

Jesus walked over to a skull that was placed on a rock, he brought it to you, he put it in your face and said to you, “I am not this, am I?”

Rodney Dream frame 5

You shook your head. “This”, he said throwing the skull down, “is YOU!” At these words the skull crumbled and turned to dust.

Rodney Dream frame 6

…at which he said “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust… I am not dead am I? I am very much alive!”

Rodney Dream frame 7

You sat in silence as he spoke. You knew the truth of which he spoke, but your pride did not want to acknowledge the truth.. You said to him, “But what about my powers? What about my Fame? I cant just let go of all that!”

Rodney Dream frame 8O.K” said Jesus in reply, then he threw you on the floor… you appeared to be having a fight.

Rodney Dream frame 9

I stood in shock as I had not seen this side of Jesus before, I asked Jesus what he was doing to you? Why were you fighting?

He replied, “His heart is far from me…” With these words a cross appeared on the floor and God himself came and lay you on it… He had tied your hands and your feet and he drew his arms as if to strike you, you cried out, O.K!

Rodney Dream frame 10

With that Jesus stood between you and God and prevented the judgement of God from killing you, (Jesus has taken your place on that cross) Only if we believe in him, that he is the son of God, that he died and rose again, will we be saved.

I then saw a reluctant you, lie down and then something happened, you went back in time as you just lay, to a time as a little boy…. Jesus was by your side and he was in the chair next to your bed, he was watching over you as a little boy and you felt safe, he leaned forward, filled with paternal love for you and kissed your cheek.

Rodney Dream, frame 11

At this you reached out your hand and hugged him, he embraced you and I saw you become one in love, like a loving parent and child.
I believe that Jesus still wants and is constantly trying to get your attention, he is a loving God, and will stop at nothing to regain you as his child. Your heart has grown cold and hardened toward his love, but he will eventually seek you and find you. I believe this with all my heart.

Hope this letter finds you well,
Love and blessings.
* * * * * *
The next day after viewing my illustrations I heard back from Rebekah:

Rebekah Knight 2008
Rebekah Knight 2008

“I love it!! funny how you seemed to capture it so well..same perspective as I saw it almost every time!
much love
xxxxxRebekah Knight”