Petition to shut me down!

Yeah, I know this isn’t the first petition to shut me down, but it’s a catchy headline, and it is for real! You can decide how chilling the news actually is and decide whether or not to sign it considering that a shut-down would bring some fantastic publicity! Also, lots of hate mail to enjoy.

 Petition to End it All!


Subject: Blasphemy

Your site is very offensive I’ve started a petition to shut you down .


Bless you bob

Harley Quinn

Neat! Petitions always bring lots of traffic to the site.Bob


“You live your own life, do what you want. But in my life, I have chosen to write, live, and act in such a way that doesn’t condemn others beliefs, chosen life styles, or cultural differences.”

Hello Bob,

Just ran across your site, by accident I assure you. Your beliefs are your business, mine will remain private. You seem to be a talented writer, and opportunist. You’re site has structure, and is attractive. Everyone as individuals has their opinions on religion, atheism, etc. and you are of course entitled to yours as well.

Now as for your approach to your opinions? There are MANY different avenues to speak your opinions, in an intellectual manner, that would be a softer approach, rather the obviously rude, and offensive display you have right now. Believe what you want, but there is no reason to be hurtful to others in the process.

Also, calling it “Normal Bob’s Ministry” is hypocritical and far fetched. Don’t get me wrong there are many types of normal. But using”Ministry” is far from appropriate. You are trying to dissect, and mocking many religions’ ministries, and yet use the word “ministry” in your website’s seal. Far cry from the reality, isn’t it?

I’m neutral to your “HATE MAIL and FAN MAIL”. Not a fan, and not in anyway trying to tell you that you’re “going to hell”.  You live your own life, do what you want. But in my life, I have chosen to write, live, and act in such a way that doesn’t condemn others beliefs, chosen life styles, or cultural differences. I make mistakes, but I do my best to correct them.

Best Regards,

Teresa Marks

Hello Teresa,It’s good to hear from you, and you’ll be happy to know that you reflect the new, popular thought process that I believe should be next in line for condemnation. At the beginning of 2000 (when this site began) religion still held a tight grasp on the majority, and its claim to fame was numbers. Now, entering into this new decade, the numbers of religious people might be declining, but the new trend is beliefs should not be criticized or joked about. Politeness – The new God.I’ve addressed this many times on my site, but haven’t yet gotten a coherent answer as to the harm caused by ones beliefs being insulted. Or are you simply taking this stance on ultimately protecting everyone from hurt feelings?I think I understand where this is coming from too. We live in a society where the customer is always right, and everybody expects to be met with a smile at the front door, while anything short of that is nipping at the heels of rudeness. I totally get the idea of a business needing to have overly polite employees, and acting neighborly, and common courtesy in public. However, when it comes to the responsibilities we’ve got concerning our own adult beliefs, that only extends so far.I believe that once those “personally held beliefs” begin to impose on my life, then you should expect retort, and (god forbid) hurt feelings. Do your beliefs come to my front door and ask, or in some cases threaten, me to believe them too? Do your beliefs effect what kids are being taught in their schools, or counter the scientific evidence? How about this – Do your beliefs in any way consider other groups of people as lesser, or not as qualified for privileges you yourself deserve? If your answer is Yes to any of these, then I am well within my rights to oppose, and even insult them. You should already be buckled in and prepared for rebuttal and a defense better than “I don’t condemn other people’s beliefs and you shouldn’t either.”

Why should anyone not expect condemnation for a belief system they hold? Why would you fear it in any way, shape or form? Teresa, let me tell you here and now, I know that I am flawed and many of the beliefs I hold might very well be off, so I am ready to have them challenged whenever possible by sound, logical arguments. And if my beliefs can’t stand up to questioning yet I still say “I’m right! You’re wrong!” I certainly expect to be mocked very hurtfully on the public stage. There are many incorrect, illogical, and sometimes dangerous belief systems that’ve seen themselves ostracized by these exact methods. And that’s a good thing! And if you have beliefs that can’t stand up to it, perhaps you need to give them a second and third look too?

In conclusion I ask that you please correct this mistake you’re making in your belief system.

Thank you.



“I dare you to make a Mohammed costume you loser”

I dare you to make a Mohammed costume you loser, you don’t dare, because that religion will come after you and chop your head off, whereas Christians will send you emails as I am!!!…You’ve been reported!!!!


Thank you for visiting JesusDressup interactive website(s). Your request for MOHAMMED costume is now available for play at: appreciate your continued visits to our page(s).Your email has been forwarded to the CEO of Jesus Dressup Int. who is out until Monday.Our sincerest gratitude,Bob Smith, CEO


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