No Hate. Just Gay. The files of Sean.
I present to you one of my most favorite types of Christian mail. The “I’m no longer GAY!” Christian mail! Oh how my cup runneth over when I get the newly de-gayed believer who’s sexuality was repaired by Jesus Christ! Also, I’m happy to deliver the first installment of Comic Con 2010 news and photos. What fun we had! Read all about it in this latest page of reader mail.


10 thoughts on “No Hate. Just Gay. The files of Sean.”

  1. As a gay man, and an atheist, I have to say that Sean’s story reeked of fake. Completely made up bullshit. He can’t possibly be telling the truth. He’s one of those trolls that tries to “connect” with you on a “personal” level by telling you his “life story” about how much of a “sinner” he was before he “found god.”

    I apologize for the excessive use of scare quotes, but I feel they’re merited in this case. I mean, the guy is a total douchebag twat. Fucking liar…

  2. For instance, this quote right here:

    “The more I engaged in sexual activity with my partner, the less it satisfied, and the more I wanted – more and darker things.”

    He’s writing it like he’s talking about banging dope, and since heroin is a sin, he equates that with being gay. I can say with absolute certainty that he’s a fucking poser tool douchebag who completely fabricated his entire fucking story. For a truly gay male, sex isn’t like a drug to which you build a tolerance, any more than it is for straight people.

    I fucking hate people like this. For fuck’s sakes… I can’t believe this tool didn’t think anyone would smell his bullshit.

  3. Christians. My goodness, can’t live with them and they will not fit down the garbage disposal. In spite of all the misery they shed on human kind, like bedbugs dropping off a guy in the park who gives out free hugs, they still provide me with plenty of diversion.

    I found one such bit of entertainment growing hair in Sean’s anti-gay missive. Similar to the early Calvinists; modern Christians try to extract as much use out of everything as possible, in this case the anecdotal datum: “I was once an Atheist.” Used ad nauseam in their witnessing for God❅, the apparent meaning is “hitting bottom” or the “worst of the worst.”

    The “once an Atheist” reminds me of that tired antithesis of logic the faithful trot out about: “atheists reject God because they are angry at him.” Laughable in its simple stupidly, it demonstrates the Christians inability to think logically. How can Atheists have emotions about that which is not real?

    ❅ Witnessing. The trope of “witnessing for God” in no way matches the definition given by Have any seen, heard or felt the presence of their deity that could not be falsified as an hallucination? I doubt a court would assign any weight to the truth of their witnessing. Imagine this back & forth during a trial.

    Witness: I know he is the murderer.

    Attorney: Did you see or hear the accused murder the person?

    Witness: No, I just know I am right!

    Judge: Witness is excused and will get the fuck out of my court!

  4. I really wish they’d all just go away, or at least shut the fuck up. We get it already! You believe in invisible fairies in the sky! Now leave the rest of the rational, logical, free-thinking people alone!

  5. This guy thinks there is some war going on between Jesus and Satan, and Jesus just barely won by the use of his Magical Nunchucks of Holy Power, or whatever. But this is the sort of thing that parents teach their children, and they grow up thinking every naughty thought and bad action must be proof that demons are dragging their souls to hell. Then they think a happy thought, and God grabs that soul by the hair and drags it back toward heaven. Sheesh! I can’t believe I once bought into this freaky religion.

  6. I am of the mind that lurking behind the eyeballs of Sean is something like: “Oh my, oh me, I am now so free, safe for all eternity.” My birth into a somewhat agnostic home spared me from exposure to the clinically Christian until my mid-teens. I was then thrust into Lutheran catechism by a Jewish mother and catholic father. Mom was born out of wedlock and “adopted” by my GP’s, while Dad was ex-communicated, during the big one, WWII I may add, for the SIN of marrying outside the faith. Now I do not blame my particular brand of personality weirdness on the various faiths involved, but, gee, I could.
    Now I am also not an Atheist. I read about Judaism as it is what I happened to be birthed into. Some of the ideas I agree with in a abstract fashion. I have even lit a candle or two. Much of what I believe about spirit is very personal. I am one of those lucky few who, due to another’s carelessness, made my way by trauma to that good old “clinical death on the surgical table” place. Yeah, stuff happens. I will not get into it as it would take too long. Needless to say I did NOT meet Jesus. Or Moses for that matter.
    So I have been beating about too long. Lets get to my point: I just cannot get my head abound the “hypocritical Christian” thing? What the fuck is that? How in G-d’s name (sorry could not resist that) can you even look at yourself in the mirror. It is one thing to have a moral code like stealing shit or the like, but, if you give your life and SOUL to the big Dood, and his code, and then you are, what, a hypocrite? Fucking weird. Like “thank you father you have saved my dirty stinky nasty soul and… Oh by the way fuck you”. I am no poster boy for goodness. It is this stuff that really makes me feel the human race is rather despicable on the whole. Lying cheating self centered bastards all. It is just so nasty when you espouse such pious virtue and bandy about your clean shiny soul… Yuck. Yuck Yuck.
    PS When was the last time you had such a woody that you walked funny? Whose team gave it to you?

    PPS Boy I wasted too much time on this

  7. And, now that I was no longer hindered by any kind of moral standard, I found that I was able to engage in a practice that my heart truly desired. Thus I found myself walking headfirst into the homosexual lifestyle.

    Now this is the kind of shit that pisses me right off: pretending that religions arbitrary little rules have anything to with “moral standards”, and that they are the only kind of moral standards.
    Bullshit. The guy was thrust into the scary world of reality-based moral standards, in which you have to think about the consequences of your actions to evaluate their moral status instead of reading from a mouldy old instruction book. He realized that thinking is hard and soon regressed back into worshipping the mouldy old instruction book, and is now sure his pathetic closeted bisexual self is doing the world some great favor by staying that way.

  8. “Part of growing up, Sean, is taming the heart and not letting every sexual urge send you into a tailspin of confusion and indulgence. Of course you weren’t satisfied delving into your list of fantasies, especially if it’s with someone you’re losing an attraction to.”

    Your response contained this quote, in which you addressed one of Sean’s points about his eventual re-conversion. This is spot-on. I, for one, have finally found one who satisfies me completely, and until Sean finds this as well, he will keep holding onto the imaginary person who does so, based on his own assumptions of what the perfect person is.

    It doesn’t surprise me either, that God is a male entity to most Christians, and that he was once homosexual, and is now bisexual, or whatever he thinks he is, and that God is filling the Perfect Person relationship in his heart. If he can ever find the One for him, the one he will love with no boundaries, without fearing the “dark” or extensive desires of his heart, the less he will believe it was God speaking to him, and the more he will believe he was only searching for someone to trust completely.

    And, you know, this is just beside the fact that religion is a machine for power. The “relationship with God” nonsense just keeps people from killing themselves because they’re lonely.

    Sean, you’ll find someone some day. Just because you’ve been confused through your youth doesn’t mean you can’t take up a search for truth and meaning now, that you build yourself.

  9. Bob, it never ceases to amaze me….

    Your response to Sean was well thought out, calm, rational and just plain decent–unlike most of the vitriol and venom hurled your way by religious folk.

    There was more basic human compassion in your reply that in all of the xtian hate-mail bag. I don’t know how you do it…I certainly couldn’t.

    Bravo, sir. Bravo.

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