Amazing Strangers STILL!
Amazing Strangers are still roamin’ around the park without aim, and I use “Roman” loosely. He’s just one of the last few stragglers refusing to leave despite the weather. Luckily I’ve ¬†been able to squeeze out a handful of others to fill up page before the year ends. And not to worry. I have plans for winter, so don’t despair. I’ll get you through.


2 thoughts on “Amazing Strangers STILL!”

  1. Perhaps you could invite people to guess where the park denizens have flown for the winter.

    Dog Molester—- Volunteers for an animal shelter run by Quakers. He doesn’t last very long there. By the end of the first day, DM was beaten until comatose by a gaggle of Quakers who, up until then, had been totally non-violent their whole lives. The Quakers, with a taste of violence under their belts, form a motorcycle gang called: “Heck’s Society of Friends.” They never go anywhere because none of them own motorcycles, however two do have scooters. They plan to rock the park next summer albeit quietly and with respect.

    Fundies— They return to their respective rural communities in the South and have a tough winter trying to follow their restraining orders to stay at least 5 miles from any child and wondering why the bible study groups never invite them. They are mystified when the local church decides to hold services on a day other than Sunday and doesn’t tell them what day they meet. The Fundies will spend the winter as they always do; fueling up on malt liqueur and Ho-hos, sitting in their feces encrusted houses and forgetting to take their pills until spring dawns anew inspiring the local church parishioners to take up a collection to send them back to the park in New York.

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