New, peculiar ways of complaining, Hate Mail!

“Dear God, This guy called Bob you created has quite a sense of humour, I doubt he thinks your son Jesus died not just to give him eternal life (should he choose to recognise you as his Lord and creator) but also to give him a really good role model, someone to help him when he faces those tough moments in life that he cannot control or fix…”


9 thoughts on “New, peculiar ways of complaining, Hate Mail!”

  1. lulz. I think I figured out why they send their prayers to god to you. I heard this story about a guy whose neighborhood was on fire and he sent his prayer as a fax to his house. Lucky him, his house didn’t catch on fire. So now weird christian people think that prayers work better if you send your prayer to the object. Yeah… works just as well, apparently.

  2. You have no fear of God. When you are in Hell you will have a the worst punishment because you are doing the will of Satan and mocking God. You are pulling people down to hell with you and should be very afraid. remember me when you burning in hell for eternity that I told you to repent (turn from sins) and turn to God and his Holy Word the bible. I will pray for you bob.

  3. “your idea about dressing up jesus is amazing…awesome work….you are really agreat man………”

    Could it be that Bob is really Jesus incarnate? Yes it’s true!…Bob is Jesus incarnate, here to save the world from false religions and silly superstitious childhood indoctrinated beliefs.

    Praise be to Bob, bless him lord! Apeman?

    This comment also has to be from a real “True Christian”.

    “But Who the fuck gave you the license to do this…….?
    Bastard…….. go & remove this dirty work………….. Fuck” Off………….Dirty Bitch…….”

    I wonder which church you are a member of, I’d like to come and worship along with you, since you Christians are so open to such poetic colorful language.

    I think Christianity speaks for itself here!

    Praise to you Bob, you are a great man!

    And Happy Birthday, keep up the great work!

  4. Jesus is a good role model?? Let’s see, Jesus said that you must hate your parents, siblings, spouse, and even yourself in order to be his follower (Luke 14:26). He was rude to his mother (John 2:4) and called a Canaanite woman a dog (Matt.15:26). In a fit of childish rage, he went into a temple with a whip, drove out the moneychangers and the animals, overturned tables, scattered the money, and prevented anyone from doing business (Matt. 21:12; John 2:14). He said that if you call someone a fool, you are in danger of hellfire (Matt. 5:22), yet he referred to the pharisees as fools, vipers, sons of the devil, and other names (Matt.12:34, Luke 3:7, John 8:44, etc.) Would any parent really want their children to imitate Jesus? If that’s the best someone can do for a role model, then they need to get out more.

  5. Dear Bob,

    I gave you artistic ability and a sense of humor. I hoped that you would use that to promote the one true religion. Having the free will that you do you chose to mock me. Ergo, I’m really really pissed off at you, Bob!

    I’m sitting up here in heaven having lunch with Jeffrey Dahmer and we were discussing what a disappointment you are.

    Having free will — you know you do Bob — you can, of course, change your wicked ways and worship me. So do so on your own free will or I will punish you for all of eternity.

    Hell, that’s right, 120 degrees Fahrenheit in the fucking shade and nothing but Pop Tarts to eat and the only thing on TV will be reruns of Three’s Company — on every fucking channel!

    So, let’s get our shit together, shall we now? Bob?



  6. I certainly will remember Audrey when I am up in the pleasure saucer, being pleasured by my alien lover, while Audrey is tortured by her God’s false promises. Audrey never found “Bob” (Dobbs), and He doesn’t give a shit.

    This is happening in about 30 days, so you might want to get your prophylactics ready for when Jehovah screws you, Audrey Rose.


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