Normal Bob’s 40th Birthday Celebration!

PEOPLE! June 24th, 09, I am turning 40! And I’m going to be having a huge party at Bruar Falls, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and you’re all invited!

The details of the party are still being worked out, but have no doubt it’ll be a Normal Bob Smith birthday celebration like never before!

Where: Bruar Falls Bar, 245 Grand St., Williamsburg, Brooklyn
When: Wednesday, June 24th, 2009, 10pm

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12 thoughts on “Normal Bob’s 40th Birthday Celebration!”

  1. hey Bob, sorry I can’t attend, you know, being from the Netherlands…
    have a bash though, welcome to the 40+ club, I joined it 5 years ago, it’s great
    have a drink on me, cheers, John.

  2. Happy 40th bday Bob,I just turned 40 myself on June 1st.I am sorry I wont be able to attend your party but I wish you the best and hope you have a blast.

    Your friend: David Cortright aka Chatpilot

  3. Are you gonna need anybody to perform at your party li’l bro? I’d be happy to come and do some magic tricks like I used to.

  4. AWWWW I wish I lived closer! Have a great time, Bob! When hubby turned 40 we had a good time, it’ll be my turn in a couple of years! You and the little one are only 4 days apart, that’s so cool!

    Happy 40th! Get drunk, get laid, and natch, take lots of pics!

  5. happy birthday bob! you rock buddie! from all us crazy Oregonians and the good Doctor Mario!

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