More hate mail, The Juliann Lisanby files for Thanksgivingtime!

It’s been a grueling coupla weeks, and what better way to get through it than some irritating hate mailer talkin’ shit about who knows what?? You may recognize the name Juliann Lisanby from past pages of hate mail where I accidentally repeated his letters. I do that every so often, but don’t despair! The conversation has continued far beyond that so they’ve all been scooped up and grouped together in what the world will now recognize as The Juliann Lisanby files.

Oh, and btw, it was pages 409 and 420 that each had his letters once posted there, but as of today they’ve been replaced with new letters that’ve yet gone unread by the public! See for yourself.


6 thoughts on “More hate mail, The Juliann Lisanby files for Thanksgivingtime!”

  1. You’ve got everybody thinking, writing and reading–and that’s a great thing. I was at work today looking up something on the internet when low and behold I came across (what the heck is this?) your site. You have an excellent sense of humor and laughter is such a great medicine, so thanks for making me laugh!!

    What I found so funny was the way you described your experience at Amy’s church with the prophet, etc. Maybe you should write a book since you have such an amazing gift for describing people and events in an exceptionally humorous way.

    Anyway, thanks for the laughter and information.

  2. First off let me say, I know this is a waste of my time, because Julianne is so full of the myth of the bible god and his son,(himself in disguise)as Jesus.

    Julianne, do you not realize that the bible was written over 2000 years ago? Do you not realize that the people who wrote the bible had no formal education, they only wrote about what they had heard and was told was true from people who wrote about their dreams, visions, apparitions, exaggerations about ghosts, demons, witches, angels, using metaphors, allegory, ad hoc, plain out lies and myth?

    Julianne, do you not realize before Columbus brought over the bible with him to America, there was not horses, nor cows, dogs, chickens, white and black people, bibles, nor a single church on American soil, before 1492?

    How did the Indians survive hell, before the bible was brought over here Julianne? Never hearing of your jebus friend?

    Christianity is the white man’s religion in which you and the majority of Americans have been sold a (bill of goods), a big total lie!

    The white man’s bible was used to justify the wholesale killing (genocide) and slaughter of the American Indians and to take their land and the burning of witches in New England.

    What I cannot understand is, how the black people have adopted to the bible, the very book which condones slavery of humans?

    Sorry Julianne, you and so many millions of Americans have been lied to
    from a book written out of an era of bronze age thinking, whom believed that diseases were caused by demons and witches and that the earth was the center of the universe, we now know that the earth is not in the center of the universe and that diseases are caused by bacteria, microbes and germs and man made chemicals, and not caused by evil spirits, demons and witches.

    If 2000 year old ignorance is what you want to believe, then that is your choice, in the 21st century, we non-believers know better than to believe in a 2000 year old book of lies and myths.

  3. Julianne, I was wondering how much spilled human blood does it take to save lost souls from hell, one drop, one pint, a gallon, four gallons?
    You should know since you’re spewing this as absolute truth.

    Before your jebus friend arrived it was animal blood that was needed to save souls. How come your god changed his mind four thousand years later and suddenly needed a human blood sacrifice?

    You know, Muslims believe even today in 2009, if they eat pork or get pig blood on them they will go to hell and it makes perfect sense to them?

    If you have ever ate pork, even accidentlly, you will go to hell, some guy just killed 13 people because he was stupid enough to believe that 2000 year old nonsense and people in America have compassion for him and his religion because it was his personal belief.

  4. It’s almost impossible for me to understand how anyone can believe in this bronze-age superstitious nonsense. To me, atheism is just common sense. I mean, talking snakes? Talking, burning bushes? Really? An ark that contained two of each of the billions of species of animals on the planet? Really? Come on!

    If people honestly believe in all this stuff, I think the human race is pretty much up Shit Creek without a paddle. Are there really that many idiots out there?

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