Semi-illegal GOD IS FAKE money stamps now available!

It was about 6 years ago that I first created the GOD IS FAKE flyer to hand out on the streets of New York City. Over those years it’s definitely become a compulsory action on my part, leaving flyers behind on subway seats, dressing room benches and toilet tanks. Handing them to friends & foes, pests & polites, cute girls & douchbag guys, street preachers, pastors, sunday schoolteachers and even a nun or two. I’ve even gone so far as slipping them into people’s shopping bags, open purses and unzipped backpacks. No doubt, I’ve taken it to obsession levels. Call it what you will.

girl holding God Is Fake flyers
Girl fans out several versions of my GOD IS FAKE flyers

They’ve also come in more than handy the multitude of times I’ve been approached by the religious with their own flyers. One of my little GOD IS FAKEs has opened up a whole new world of entertainment, despite it eventually getting torn in half and thrown at my feet. I’ve spent hours in dialog with believers whose initial intention was to dominate a conversation with stories of Jesus and my potential salvation, but instead only allowed for me to beautifully sculpt further in-depth reasons why I don’t believe, and they shouldn’t either. They’ve most definitely been a blessing.

In my time I’ve heard on more than a few occasions that a true American believes in God, and the evidence of which is the statement printed on the back of our currency. There’s hardly any argument I find more irritating and further from the point.

So recently I’ve armed myself with yet another menacing tool for upsetting strangers, only this time the message is a lot less likely to be torn to shreds! It’s the GOD IS FAKE money stamp, and I’ve already found myself addicted to stamping the backs of bills, and the beauty of the image it leaves behind.

I’m having 50 of these rubber stamps handmade here in the neighborhood and selling them for as reasonable a price as I can, with the option of a red stamp pad – which you’d be astonished how difficult they are to find wholesale!

Label it “activism” or “art” or possibly just “annoyance,” but whichever it is I’ve found a fun new hobby that leads to some sort of entertainment that I don’t have a name for.

I’ve also stamped more than a few Bibles here and there because it works just as well on the words: Jesus, Holy Spirit, Christ & Satan! I’ve yet to get my hands on a Koran or Torah, but I can only assume it works just as well on Allah, Muhammad, Yahweh & Moses too. I’m hoping people out there will show me a multitude of usages the stamp can be used. Hint: The word “Christ” is in “Christmas.”

I have been informed this may all be semi-illegal, defacing government property and all, but who’d ever get anything done if we wasted our time worrying about what the government thinks?
the God is Fake money stamp


One thought on “Semi-illegal GOD IS FAKE money stamps now available!”

  1. On the other stamp thread Bob wrote:

    “I’ve also been told that crossing out the word GOD eliminates it so it needs to be stamped on there again. Does that make sense?”

    Oh for christsakes Bob, nobody told you that and you know it.
    Be as sarcastic as you want! You’re the messing with the feds, not me.

    RE: “Does that make sense?”

    It makes about as much “sense” as walking into a Gov’t building with a brand
    new phone to donate with the intention smashing a Gov’t phone first.

    You smash the phone and think,”It’s o.k.- i’ll just give them mine.”
    It does’nt matter if it’s money or phones.
    Someone’s gonna get busted either way.

    Wether we like it or not the money is still federal property.
    We can party with it and have a great old time or save it
    but it has to be (within reason) in the same condition it was recieved.

    Don’t believe me?
    Go into any federal building, stamp a bill right in front of the guards
    and see how the rest of your day goes.
    Their equal-opportunity enforcers, too.
    They’ll bust you regardless of your political/religious affiliation
    or lack thereof.

    I’m very surprised you even relplied to my comment.
    I’m surprised because
    your reply is so vague considering the fact you not only will
    be drawing very unwanted attention with a money stamp,
    but you broadcast your intentions of doing so.
    Actually, considering how difficult it is to trace
    the many perpetrators (those who stamp money)
    they may even take a special interest in you.

    RE: “it needs to be stamped on there again. ”

    From the standpoint of legality, that’s not going to
    work as “defacement” has already taken place.

    You can’t “stamp” or replace any part of the bill/coin defaced
    to the required specifications of the original.
    If you did you’d be counterfeiting.

    “Beware the ides of March” Ceasar was warned.

    If you don’t take any of this seriously then at least make a cartoon out of it.
    Please include Jesus laughing because he’s scoring points here.

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