Mohammed Dressup is back!
So now that the old is officially hacked, stolen & reposted with a much MUCH less funny version of the game (I mean, it’s just horrible! The directions on how to play it go on forever, and then there’s no game to play, and the directions don’t even talk about the game anyhow!), I can now open up the new and improved to all of you! This should easily snuff out whatever it is they were hoping to gain by taking my URL, and now that that Times article is out should put me well on my way to getting my very own Fatwā! I’m so excited! I hope you are too.

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3 thoughts on “Mohammed Dressup is back!”

  1. Glad to see it back up. Though I wonder whatever happened to your friend?

    Any related fundamentalist hate mail should be relayed to your adoring fans!

  2. that’s a standard fame-reaction letter. you notice it when bands who were unknown for a long time suddenly get printed in the ny times or rolling stone or gain some form of popularity. all of a sudden, all kinds of people who got yer number come out of the woodwork.

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