The Fall of Amazing Strangers
Believe me, I realize it’s entirely my responsibility to bring you a consistent stream of Amazing Strangers no matter how cold it is outside or how big a Christmas shopping mall they build atop Union Square. So just for you I went and got an exclusive interview from the sister of the most talked about (lately) Stranger on the site! That and much much more on this latest page of Amazing Strangers!


3 thoughts on “The Fall of Amazing Strangers”

  1. The interview with the sister of Face Sitting Dude was great.

    Perhaps you could do a monologue where you would talk about the strange, fascinating, humorous and very human activities in Union Square. Not stand-up comedy, but the entire mix of the human condition; humor, drama, pathos and bathos. You could tour the country doing the theater in your red persona.

  2. Bob-it seems like all the weirdness is almost a parody of who is weird and how they are weird. Everybody loves attention.I’ve always fell Americans as a whole dont take religion too seriously. Islamists on the other hand.Watch your game designing back.
    I was disappointed by the dog molester-I love animals so much I feel compelled to molest them in a benign but intense way.This guy is using whatever to get to the moms of babies or animals.
    The sounds of the city bring me back there but I’m too poor to handle it at my age.
    Dirk and Pack

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