The files of Daniel Lee
Since that NY Times article came out the incoming emails have really been behaving differently. It’s hard to put a finger on, but I’m betting you’ll be able to see the difference in the weeks to come. These Daniel Lee files are pretty obvious though. Someone complaining about something other than me being Satan. I know many of you don’t like this section to get off topic, but this particular exchange is worth it in my opinion.


6 thoughts on “The files of Daniel Lee”

  1. Hey Daniel, it’s obvious you are unable to enjoy Bob’s hilarious site without heaping criticism and scorn on Bob’s magnificent efforts. A site where Bob openly expresses his enjoyment at the somewhat colourful goings-on and interesting characters of Union Square. But it’s not all joyous expression, the dark side of human insanity gets a look-in too, with the hate mail pages, which, as it happens, are even more uproariously funny than the Union Square pages (no doubt Union Square is best appreciated in the flesh, although Bob’s reporting is the next best thing to being there).

    Daniel, it rather seems to me, after having read your negative pile of steaming and long festering shit, that maybe somebody showed a more than casual interest in your dirt chute when you were a kid. (Are you a Catholic?) (Hey, this is cool, I think I’m going to like doing this cod-psychology shit too)! Anyway Daniel, thanks for the entertainment, and please write some more, you do interesting and funny shit.

  2. What kind of loser wants to hug a stranger? Seriously. I mean, I guess I am very weird, but in my weirdo thoughts, I don’t really like ‘hugging’ people. Hugs are a sign of affection aren’t they? I mean….don’t we hug people because we actually KNOW them and have feelings for them? I don’t understand the type of person that would want to hug strangers…for FREE!
    I’d atleast charge some money. Maybe $3.50 or something like that. I’m in pretty good shape so maybe it should be $4.00 even.
    But, wait, I don’t even know who these people are. I would only want to hug people that deserve hugs. Certainly some of these people don’t deserve hugs!!! They could be killers! Maybe they are hugging peepers….or dog molesters!!!!! EW!
    Imagine the possibility of germ spreading through hugging multiple people on the streets of New York all day? Bed Bugs is only the beginning!!!

    That’s it, I’m upping my charge to $4.25 and I’m only hugging hot babes!

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