3 thoughts on “Loads of Hate Mail”

  1. That’s a little scary about your friend. I hope you hear from him.

    Kafir Girl seems to have disappeared too, for all I can find out.

  2. I am wonderfully tickled when a random “christian” rants against the mysterious Big Bang Theory. We all understand that they are blatantly ignorant ( and I mean that in a perfectly neutral way) and lack any conviction to seek understanding in the world. If only they could collectively be informed of a couple things: This “controversial” theory was put forth by a Roman Catholic priest named Georges Lemaître; This theory was not meant to describe the beginning of the universe, just the time since then. Hell, even moderate scientists get this wrong.

    Well, I have a slightly Taoist perspective in that I’d rather not bother to react to these sillies, but I was bored. And, by the by, you’ve done a fantastic job for the sake of atheism. Yep, it’s redundant (I’m roughly the 194,698,369,723.97th person to say such), but worthy of praise.

    Rock the fuck on!

  3. @ Drake Eris:

    Even more delicious is when they can’t understand the difference between Big Bang and Evolution and treat them as if they are interchangeable. (The way many people treat Limbo and Purgatory or Satan and Lucifer). “Now I’m going to prove Creationism…by disproving Evolution! Now when the Big Bang happened….” There is so much fail in that approach that I don’t even know where to begin!

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