Overflowing with Amazing Strangers

It’s been a fruitful harvest of strangers at Union Square so far! The economy may be in the dumper, businesses shutting down and wallets empty, but there’s been no shortage of scenesters, punks, models, crazies, and both good & horrible fashion declarations. There’s a lot to be said and I’m only here to spread the gossip all over everyone’s toast. There’s enough for everybody!

Also, your response & input to the condom masturbation question is expected!


One thought on “Overflowing with Amazing Strangers”

  1. There is NO way you are NOT receiving Hate mail.
    Are you choosing to Stop posting???
    Maybe it’s just an off season for Hate, after all with all the disasters people are probably busy hating other things.
    Maybe you need to go out dressed more…..
    I will admit it’s been a while but that’s because i’ve started writing (nonsense mostly ). Regardless it takes up time.
    I promise to visit once a day if you DON’T stop the Hate Mail!

    ~ Sara

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