6 thoughts on “Hate of a Duller Edge”

  1. Christian guest Josh Barns went from purveyor of trite but relatively unoffensive religious mottos to hateful name-caller in just 1-2-3 extremely short e-mails. No surprise; it doesn’t take much to get a True Christian™ to show his or her true colors — a sort of muddy black with traces of puke green.

  2. I enjoyed the video immensely. It got me thinking about how our jobs are extorting senseless behavior from us. We are so afraid of losing our jobs–no matter how much we hate them–that we are willing to be violent and go against our highest values to comply with orders. We are imprisoned in our jobs by credit and by dependents we were never able to afford, in order to comply with what is expected of us.

    Repent! Quit your job! Slack off!

  3. Or maybe Josh Barnes is a fake and its the people who are just waiting for any excuse to bash Christians that are the vile ones, waiting to judge.

  4. Bummer! Scott (Keller) didn’t continue the conversation? I’d have liked to watch his continuation. It appeared as if things were beginning to “click” for him..

  5. It’s good to know that there are so many people that are able to think critically about this social virus called religion. People like you, Pat Condell, Richard Dawkins, Lewis Black, Bill Maher, and many others give me hope that mankind just might survive the next 100 years. Keep up the good work.


  6. “You are sheep among wolves, be wise as serpents, yet innocent as doves.”

    Man, there are FOUR animals in here! FOUR! Jesus must have been really serious. But Josh, while animals are smart in their own ways, and they exhibit many emotions and behaviors that humans do, I think you must know that this verse cannot be taken literally. Serpents have been symbols of wisdom for thousands of years in myths all over the world. That is why the serpent grants access to the Tree of Knowledge in Genesis. So naturally Jesus picked them as a symbol of wisdom. Of course, serpents also represent Satan, so maybe Jesus is saying be as smart as the devil. HAHA! Wouldn’t that be funny! And doves are not innocent at all. I’ve seen those fuckers at the bird feeders, and they can be as pushy as any other species. Plus, they sneak into houses and steal babies.

    “How this very planet rotates is pretty amazing. ”

    Yeah, Scott, it’s real amazing. All those little hamsters inside there, running and running and running….how does God feed them all??

    “I must say though, there is something very strong pulling me toward God and Christ. ”

    It’s called cultural conditioning. If you had been born and raised in India, constantly exposed to every aspect of the Hindu religion–temples, icons, images, statues, worshipers, teachings, doctrines–you would be a Hindu. But instead, you grew up in a mostly Christian culture, surrounded by Christian churches, statues, teachings, doctrines, and family members, so naturally you are drawn to Christianity. This tendency to follow the crowd is kind of a survival mechanism that binds individuals to their society so that everyone can stick together in the face of danger. Trouble is, we don’t really work that way anymore. You may think that God is drawing you to believe in him, but that feeling is just your instinctive desire to follow the crowd so you don’t get kicked out of the protective societal group. Still think it’s Jesus? Well, in that case, the Hindu man who feels drawn to Shiva really is getting a message from Shiva saying to worship him.

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