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  1. Well isnt Ken Gaub amazing!
    And it must all be true, because he’s published it on his webpage!
    And God chose him, HIM! how very special he must feel, though I do wonder why God hasn’t helped the countless other suicde victims, or p.o.w’s being tortured who pray for help daily….id LOVE to see Ken Gaub tackle that through a phone box!

    If he’s going to start answering Gods prayers for him every phone box he walks past is going to start ringing, he wont be able to go anywhere!….and why doesn’t this guy own a mobile phone? Surley if he’s going to be Gods secretary then a mobile would be much more handy than hoping to walk past a ringing phone box!

    I do like the way that although this young girl was about to commit suicde, the story is all about Ken Gaub, God wasnt saving the young girls life, he was giving Ken Gaub a sense of fulfilment and getting rid of that nasty self pity he was feeling, because Ken Gaub is the most special of all Gods children.
    I wonder if God drove that girl to suicide in the first place just to make Ken Gaub feel better when “his cup was empty”.

    And if we’re ALL Gods children, then what was so special about Jesus?

    Anyway…back to Allan, did he say his Dad did not believe in God?
    So his Dad is in hell?
    And Allan is ok with this?

  2. Another note, I think God really dropped the ball here, I mean who sends someone about to commit suicde, to talk to someone who is empty and full of self pity?
    Not a smart move! he’s lucky that didnt backfire spectacularly!

    Also I’d like the hear from the girl who called, she must also be amazed by this? Why has she kept so quiet, and the operator who connected the call! lets get her testimony here also!
    Or maybe the operator was God? He did say she got angry at one point, and that does sound like something God would do.

  3. The Josephus passage in question, called the Testimonium Flavianum, is a forgery. This passage did not appear in any texts until it was “quoted” by Eusebius in 324. Eusebius might have made it up himself. What better way to bolster Christianity than by quoting some historian supposedly saying what a great guy this Jesus fellow was?

    The Testimonium interrupts the flow of the narrative, as if someone inserted it later, or at least drastically revised something that was already there. The best we can say about this passage is that Josephus might have been simply repeating a story he had heard elsewhere, and then someone (possibly Eusebius) reworded it to make it seem as if Josephus actually believed it.

    For these and other reasons, many scholars regard the Testimonium Flavianum to be a forgery. I do not know why Christians insist on using it as evidence of Jesus’ existence. Is this really the best God could do?? There must have been loads of people in the 1st Century who could have recorded the words and deeds of Jesus Christ. He raised people from the DEAD, for cryin’ out loud! He turned water into wine, he walked on the surface of a lake, he cursed fig trees, he healed the sick and the lame and the blind. Stuff like that would get you noticed, even in the days before mass media. Do you know how many writings about Jesus we have from the 1st Century, when he allegedly lived?


    That’s right, absolutely NOTHING! Instead, we get gospels written decades or even centuries later, and a questionable passage by an ancient historian who also happened to report a tale about a cow giving birth to a lamb. We get older manuscripts differing from newer ones, proving that the text endured many changes as it was copied by unknown hands. But none of it was contemporary with Jesus. Imagine that. The guy had 12 best buddies who followed him around everywhere, and not ONE of them could be bothered to take notes?? Why didn’t the Holy Spirit prompt them to write down stuff as they witnessed it? Why wait hundreds of years later for some random quotation to pop up out of nowhere, and then exclaim, “TA-DAAAA! Here’s proof of Jesus!” God is a real idiot.

  4. I believe Ken Gaub could very well be the writer foe the next book added to the cannon. After all their stories start out just as un-fucking believable! Amazing! And fool proof, meaning this is only proof for a fool!
    Just as the Bible loses all credibility with the creation of fruit bearing trees, so does Kens story lose credibility with an operator connecting a long distance call. When was the last time that was necessary? 19 god-damn 50? And, if mere mortals don’t need an operator to connect a long distance call, why does God need one to do so? The only call I can think of requiring an operator would be a collect call, and he didn’t say it was a collect call, he specifically said long distance.
    This story is Bullshit, just like the Bible!

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