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  1. I feel really sad for poor Jonathan. I can’t believe it sometimes, but the church was always full of people who sounded just as aloof and careless as this fellow. Life not worth living without God? I’m not only saddened to read such a thing, to the point of a tear coming to my eye…. I’m also enraged that this cult-y madness can do this to people, and sickened by their willingness to be deceived so readily! Thanks for sharing this conversation, Bob. For those Christians who followed along, reading Jonathan’s words and saying, “Yeah, yeah!” to themselves all the while, I hope they, and perhaps even Jonathan himself, felt some pang at seeing those words typed and sent, knowing somewhere deep in their psyches that it felt so wrong, so manufactured.

  2. “Self-serving rewards is a clue that it’s pretend.”

    Hehe, and Bob does it again! – But it’s definitely this Jonathan Cross who’s the most interesting one on this page though. He’s there to show that ultimately, the arguing going on between believers and atheists is always based on one of these two premises:

    #1- They are pushing to enforce their values on others, using what they feel is the greatest, the one invincible argument ––– those doing that are by far the worst: they’re the ones we see and hear on TV, those who go out on crusades; it’s very unlikely they’ll ever be apostates, since their value system and their belief reinforce one another, much like ‘the Bible proves God proves the Bible’;
    #2- They – like Jonathan here – are despaired by* the finality of death (‘What is the point of living’… that is, ‘if we won’t be around anymore to witness the effects of our lives’, or better yet: ‘if the world can just – and will continue to – go on without us’) ––– those are pathetic and command our sympathy; I really must congratulate Bob for having extracted that last reply from Jonathan, thus exposing what Alice rightly described as the “manufactured answer”;

    *: or unconsciously attracted by……

    In both cases, atheists are the ultimate enemy, because they are a constant reminder that in the end, the belief in a god is just that: a ‘belief’ – a belief that, when thinking about it on their own, they know full well is a fairytale. ––– What I wouldn’t give to witness an argument where two believers of different creeds attempt to enforce their clashing values on one another, both using their god as an argument! Especially when we atheists are so used to hear them argue over the very existence of their premise!

    But now back to Mr. Cross. It’s truly a connoisseur’s delight when a believer utters the words “If there’s no god”: there! You’ve said it! You just DON’T know. You’re just pretending. It’s been made up, just like all lies are. To those #2, my answer would probably go like this:

    – Why are you doing /whatever it is you’re doing/ ?
    ANSWER: Because I like it. It’s FUN. ––– Music / Art / Travelling / Discovering new things / Hiking / My family / Whatever / All those things and much more / is what I live for.

    People who don’t have any fun in life, who find no value or entertainment in anything readily made available are suicidal. They need a different kind of help.

  3. What scares me about this type of thinking from Christians is that their lack of love for life without a god could push them to bring about the end for all of us, just so they can leave this life behind and be with their creator. They will kill us all for the opportunity to stand in the presence of their make-believe wizard in the sky.

    What’s even scarier is that there is not a thing that anyone or any group can do to persuade them otherwise.

  4. Know Jesus the REAL way
    Know Jesus the BIBLICAL way
    Passionate for Jesus
    Hard on for Jesus

    Enjoy your life while you’re still living it

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