Strangers everywhere! Pg 101

Have you not gotten your fill of Amazing Strangers yet? Well this is your lucky week, because the park’s been over flowing with ’em! So many that they’re flooding in from last week, and this week’s flowing into next’s! And like normal, there’re some that’ll make you fall in love, and others who’ll make you shit your pants. The unique and memorable experience that is known as Amazing Strangers of Union Square NYC…


6 thoughts on “Strangers everywhere! Pg 101”

  1. He sounds and moves like a fly trapped in a house, flitting back and forth, trying to get out. The Fly? Marty McFly? Something to do with flies.

    Or maybe shorten Raspberry to Razz.

    I think Ppfft-pfpfpf-pfftfp is still the winner.

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