100 pages of Amazing Strangers!

Black metal girl with cigarette
Metal Mary with Contacts

It’s here! It’s here! Page 100 is here! And the true reality of my addiction to this park isn’t a secret anylonger. And there’s no better way to celebrate this occasion than by giving you a full, video-packed page of Amazing Strangers with all your favorite regulars. Teenagers with cigarettes and cheap highs, bumfights,  gravers, and harassing Christians from the midwest.

It’s all here on the much anticipated hundredth page of my homage to Union Square, NYC.


2 thoughts on “100 pages of Amazing Strangers!”

  1. Yeah, I came for the hate mail, but I’ve stuck around for the amazing strangers 🙂 (and more hate mail of course). I love watching all the inner workings of Union Square, the good and the bad. And I wonder how it will evolve. Will it be a slow process, or will a certain group show up and completely turn it upside down. Or maybe it will stay like it is for years to come, who knows. If I’m ever in NYC, I would stop by… just to see for myself. Then probably run like hell.

  2. You know what, I looked at the Amazing Strangers Match Game card, and I feel like something is missing. It’s just that… I’m pretty sure that God is a peeper (E). Don’t ask me why; I’ve never actually caught him red-handed, it’s just… a feeling that I have. And while we’re at it, he’s also quite possibly C, definitely F, and maybe also H and J.


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