11 thoughts on “Hate Mail head cases”

  1. Bad Bob!….Bad Bob!

    Whatcha gonna do, ~~~whatcha gonna do?~~~ When they come for you?

    Bad Bob!…Bad Bob!

    Whatcha gonna do~~~whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

    Now preacha man giva me naw break~~~jebus now giva me naw break! ~~~whaotya gonna do?~~~whaotya gonna do when they come for you?

    Bad Bob…Bad Bob!

  2. What the hell? Who is this dickhead Qwerty? This guy is probably a fake. I think Qwerty is actually an atheist. Look at his email address. It has 666 in it. Isn’t that completely taboo for a Christian?

  3. “You’re sounding more retarded than usual. Did you get hit by a car and stumble home or something?”

    I will have SO many opportunities to use this in the future!

  4. Who are you addressing your comments to? I hope you guys don’t take anything I post on here as being serious, I’m just trying to have some fun here, this is a fun site, having fun stepping on religious fanatics.<:-)

  5. Steve,

    I take everything you say seriously. I have been writing it down and it will be included in my memoires.


    Yes, it can be fun stepping on religious fanatics, but remember, these people are mentally handicapped and shouldn’t be ridiculed for believing in magical poop.

  6. We don’t ridicule the people personally, that would be like ad homonym attacks, no one does that here, we just make fun of and ridicule their silly beliefs, probably most of us that post on here believed that garbage at one time or another, once upon a time. <:-)

  7. Oh, silly Qwerty! Silly, silly Qwerty! Don’t you know your bible?

    It’s a BAD thing to be taken up in the Rupture/I mean, Rapture! Don’t you read Revelation? You don’t WANT to be in the Rapture, because when the Battle comes, you wanna be one of those NEW converts who refuses the Mark of 666 ordered by The Antichrist’s Personal Assistant (the one who is a giant and had a bull’s head with horns and everything). It’ll be hard, because who WOULDN’T want to join into a financial system headed by a bull? It’s a bull market, har-dee-har har!

    ANYWAY, this is the good part, so you might want to prepare to refuse Jesus’ love now: those people who weren’t raptured, and REFUSED TO TAKE THE MARK, get to be…and get this– THE RULERS OF EARTH II: NEW JERUSALEM! Kickass, I know, right? These people are like the leaders of the whole earth! The group that leads the best earth possible under a dictatorial theocracy! Who wouldn’t jump at that chance? I know that Normal Bob here is going to be one of those dictators of all the earth, because it is clearly impossible for saved Christians to take over that role.

    I suggest you get to readin’ the bible now, brother Qwerty, because there might be some other Important Information you missed out on, because you simply accepted what your mommy and the TeeVee told you the bible said. Too bad, though. You snooze, you lose.

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