10 thoughts on “Silly Christians emails”

  1. I will pray for your conversion…

    I “Wishy Star Hope” you realize you actually believe in a fantasy… deal?

  2. Bob

    If comedy is good for a person’s health; I must be in near perfect health after laughing at the letters Christians send in. I do admire their consistency in always being inane.

    Some of my favorite Christian ramblings are:

    ♅ When they really want to insult Atheists, Christians will say Atheism is a religion.

    ♅ After ranting about how loving their deity is; they mention the holy pyromaniac will douse their souls with lighter fluid and set them on fire when they die. I have a message for those Christians who are fighting death: “Just let go, you are holding up god’s barbecue.”

    ♅ Non-believers being sad, lonely and hurting. Strange – to brag about their own mental health, by insinuating Atheists are deficient, to justify beliefs they know, deep down, are not in-sync with reality.

  3. more hate mail! more hate mail! more hate mail!
    I just can’t get enough of it down here in the deep South (the buckle of the bible belt). Keep up the great work.

  4. I live above the bible belt, but perhaps in the most religious state in the nation. We might as well be in the bible belt. In my town, there is a church on every corner. There are more churches in this town than restaurants, and we have about 150 restaurants. It’s ridiculous.

    As soon as I can get ink cartridges for my printer (all the papers I write for school have drained them), I’m printing out about a hundred or so of Normal Bob’s flyers, and I’m going to hand them out to people. I’ll videotape it. It will be fun.

  5. Like the typo in Kun Aguero’s post “Very few of the world’s greatest truths cant be proven in a lab”. I assume they meant ‘can’; Freudian slip maybe?

  6. If Christians would bother to, I dunno, say, GO TO COLLEGE, they’d realize that proof in the sense that they mean can only be done in mathematics. The best science can do is fail to disprove something. Which is why evolution has stood the test of time. Scientists have failed to disprove evolution. Every single piece of evidence they acquire points to evolution.

    While we can’t disprove the existence of god, we also don’t have evidence for his existence either, making it a moot point. We’re not the ones that need to prove god’s non-existence. They’re the ones who need to prove he does exist. They made the claim, not us.

    As Christopher Hitchens once said, “That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.” Which is why I can’t believe in god until some serious evidence is presented to me.

  7. Hey Marc Pinke, ya big fuckin’ idiot, not only can you not spell Mark or Pink, you don’t seem to even understand your own stupid religion. Hanging a Jew on the cross? That’s just ridiculous. A Jew? On a cross? That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard! Who would spend even one precious second of their all too short life on a Jew on a cross. Moron!

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