Hate mail, from Peepers!

This week’s hate mail is dedicated to the peepers and peeper defenders, and accusers who seem to just hate me! Never fear. There’ll be more Christian hate mail on the next pages, but for now a refreshing dose of Peeper hate mail!

I make contact with a Peeper!!

So it finally happened! The unbelievable has come true, and I didn’t waste the opportunity to say what had to be said. On Sunday the 6th of July the same peeper who approached me a week earlier sat down, shook my hand and started a conversation with yours truly!

“No, but you see, this is what I do! I take pictures of peepers, which is what you are. Aren’t you? You like to stand and stare up girls’ skirts at their panties, right?”

The Bravest Peeper sat down next to me on the steps with his squinty, fake-confidence smile and attempted to come off as a someone not to reckon with, but willing to reason this thing out with me. Let me say that I was so excited when he sat down! And I let him start the discussion, which he did.

“I.. want you to… no post my picture on the internets…”

Now mind you, when he spoke it was quiet, always with that nervous smile, exactly like a weakling pretending to be a threat.

“I want you to not take my pictures no more… to not post me… and what I do…. and you don’t post… ok?”

My enthusiastic response was, “No, but you see, this is what I do! I take pictures of peepers, which is what you are. Aren’t you? You like to stand and stare up girls’ skirts at their panties, right?”

It was so obvious that he was completely overwhelmed by my willingness to take part in an extensive discussion on the topic. I’m sure more than 50% of what I said was completely over his head, but he definitely knew where I was coming from.

“The girls…. they like to be…” and he’d motion at his own crotch insinuating that what they did was on purpose. “They like it. heh heh”

There were two girls sitting on the other side of me listening in , and I was making it easy for them to do so by speaking loudly to him and using complete sentences that included his own words and point of view.

“So you think girls like being peeped? Like even when they’re pushing their skirt between their legs and then getting up and leaving the park? You think the girls are turned on by your creep stare?” And the girls next to me shouted “Oh no we don’t!”

One of his general responses was a simple shrug of the shoulders and half smile.

Another interesting thing that happened is one of the baby scenesters saw what was going on and ran over and brought two girl baby scenesters over to witness what was happening. They sat down too, and pretty soon there was a tiny audience there watching this priceless exchange.

Bravest Peeper also suggested to me as he did in our previous exchange that “maybe… you enjoy taking pictures of boys at the park” motioning his arm around and giggling a little like he had me, and the accusation was his trump card.

“maybe… you enjoy taking pictures of boys at the park”

“Haha! So you think someone’s gotta be gay if they’re not spending all their free time at the park staring up skirts for 20, 30, 40 minutes at a time?”

He shrugged with that smile again.

“Oh, I have a question! Had you ever thought that maybe guys who don’t rape girls against their will might also be homosexuals?” I looked around the park suspiciously at all the closeted gays.

He shrugged with a smile again, and the girls next to me were riveted.

He also said to me “iss my problem if I get caught, or if police catch me… thas my pro-blem.. not yourss.. not yourss business…”

“Oh, I don’t think you’ll get arrested. It’s not against the law what you’re doing!” I stated all this quite loudly. “What you’re doing, peeping up girls’ skirts at the park, isn’t illegal. What you’re doing is just deviant behavior, and it’s societles responsibility to manage you people. And that’s where I come in!”

I knew he was barely following anything I was saying, but he definitely understood that I was gonna be a complete jackass about this situation, and his hopes and dreams of free peeping were slowly being pulled out from under him.

He held out his had to stop me and said again “I wants you to stop taking my pictures… thas all. Just stop…Okays?”

I sat there and seriously tried to picture me stopping. I replied “I have to be honest. I do not see me stopping taking pictures of you peepers in the park at all. In fact, I think the only hope you have of getting me to stop is coming up to me one of these days, putting up your fists” I gave him a visual of what I was speaking of by putting up my fists much like those old vintage boxers posed with their arms at right angles putting up their dukes, “and saying to me ‘You’re still putting my pictures on the internets, now I’m gonna fight you.’ and fighting me to see he wins, and then seeing what happens from there. I think that’s your only hope to keep me from what I’m doing here with you peepers. You know?”

Then I started calling over people who were strolling by and poling them on whether or not they thought girls like being peeped, while pointing out that he was a peeper and thought it was something girls get off .. a while of my smart-alekness and gathering a crowd around to partake in the discussion he finally just got up, said “goodbye” and walked quickly away.

Twice since then when I’ve come to Union Square he’s turned and left the park immediately.

And that’s how it went down.

Fun huh??)


3 thoughts on “Hate mail, from Peepers!”

  1. Meh. Nice little hobby you have there, Bob, and I hope you continue to enjoy it for years to come. BUT, I don’t really care about what goes on in a park in NYC.

    I come here mainly for your hilarious rebuttal of the e-mails you get from christian fundies and other religious freaks. I hope you get back to publishing “real” hate mail soon.

  2. Dear Bob,

    Please continue your adventures in peeping! The day I came across your website was one of the funniest laughs I have had in far too long a time. For that alone I thank you wholeheartedly. My niece, my daughter, and myself replay, Methods of a Peeper 1, just to hear you recite the letter from the preppy peeper and your response. Oh, it is so funny and the Peeper Method series as a whole is informative in providing information to young ladies who are not as aware of their environment as they perhaps could be. My young daughter’s eyes were opened in a way that conveyed more about the peeper and the peeping than I ever could with motherly warnings alone. You do the public a good service, IMO, and again I thank you.

    Perhaps I will write to you about my thoughts and feelings on the whole God issue as you seem to have become a repository on this weighty issue. Be strong, be well, be you.

    Teresa, an american girl.

  3. her crouch good….peep zee crouches…go home wit dee sexy crouch ladies yes??
    loved the retort!! peeper DEAN i-phone….he be peepin doze crouches mang.

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