Hate mail from elsewhere

Wow! Hate mail has been coming back in style, and so has stupidity from the looks of it.

I’ve been having one of “those” weeks where you feel as if you’re hangin’ by a thread dangling between the scissor blades. I know everything will probably be all right and back to normal by the weekend, but in the meantime it could really help my spirits if anyone out there had the inspiration to link me up on their favorite blog, pick up some product, spraypaint my URL on the freeway billboard or scream my name out during your next climax. It really does mean a lot, and is always appreciated.


9 thoughts on “Hate mail from elsewhere”

  1. Sorry to hear your feeling down, Bob, hopefully your spirits will pick up soon! I’ll try to help in my own little way – I was bored at work awhile back and printed off a ton of your GOD is Fake fliers. I’ve already cut them up and folded them nicely, and I have a very long trip into Vancouver with several transfers, so I’ll be leaving them on seats throughout the Greater Vancouver Transit system.

    Unfortunately I’m not the most “in your face” type of person so I won’t be handing them directly to strangers but we all know how boring taking transit can be so at least I’ll provide some interesting reading for people!

    I’ll try to do this whenever I am forced to take public transit from now own :-).

    Now, I’m off to greedily devour your latest page of hate mail.


  2. Ellen has a very good point: how *did* Frank get to be on Chillin’ Villains? Frank wasn’t really *bad* per se, he was just the “Manipulated Dead”…

    Some people cannot accept spiritual truth.

    “Spiritual truth” is an oxymoron. The warm fuzzy feeling you have inside your head when you sit quietly for five minutes isn’t “truth” to the rest of us – it’s really just your own deluded thoughts that we’d prefer you keep to yourself.

  3. Bob, I’m obsessed with you and your site so much so that I want to visit you in New York and hang in Union Square (is that the place?). I truly adore the hate mail and revel in the sheer idiocy and grammatical and spelling errors. Why are they all so illiterate?
    Your witty responses crack me up. I’m giddy with anticipation.

    Praise Beelzebub!

  4. Did you mean, Praise beezlebob?

    I just happened to stumble upon your site, and you mock my poor Jesus.

    You see, Jesus was mocked and spit upon and his clothes were stolen from him and he is just so pitiful that I pray to him regularly.

    I mean how can you not feel sorry for a guy that was kicked down for his beliefs so much so that he was willing to die for us sinners that those who choose to believe in him will have everlasting life.

    It’s such a sad story that it surely must be true, who else could make up such an unbelievable story, if it were not true?

    Signed, a true believer in Christ! Wink, wink!

  5. Are u not assume for what your doing?????????

    Good grief, is this the quality of the letters these days? How do these people survive? How do they eat their cereal, comb their hair, tie their shoes, or walk up and down stairs without constant adult supervision to make sure they don’t hurt themselves? This entire page has the suckiest collection of hate mail I’ve ever seen! I mean, they’ve always been bad, but usually there was at least one letter on each page that didn’t look as if it had been typed by a spastic lemur with a rudimentary knowledge of human language skills. Is this really the best Christianity has to offer now? Or is it just that those Christians with better communications skills simply don’t bother coming here anymore?

  6. @Jean: Your comment reminded me of an episode of Family Guy (from season 7, “Family Gay”) where Peter gets injected with the gay gene and turns gay, and Stewie quotes that oft-quoted verse from Leviticus that states that homosexuality is wrong. Brian then says, “You’re quoting bible verses and you don’t even know how to read!” Stewie then replies, “Welcome to America.”

    I love Family Guy.

  7. Thanks, Mike, glad to be of service. :o]

    I like this exchange the best:

    “Never seen anyone with so much need to call the attention of God.” –Wolve Wilson

    “And yet all I hear from are his followers.” –Bob

    Not surprised the conversation ended at this point.

  8. I sent the following email to princey. Aftr all, she didn’t ask me not to reply
    Hello. My name is Eric and I saw your pathetic post on Bobs website. I just wanted to clear up a bit of your appearant confusion.
    The folloing is to what I refer:
    “Supporting the belief that someone else can pay for other people’s wrongs is far worse a perversion of morality” I dont think a true Christian will ever say such words. Well and good, carry on with your unrealistic, non moralistic, good for nothing stuff….. and for heaven sake never reply back …. Princy Noela princy_noela@yahoo.co.in

    What Bob is saying is that Chritians need to own up t their OWN errors in life, and stop thinking absurd things like a criminal named Jesus has ALREADY paid for your sins. The thought that a man who was his own father (jesus)is your free ride, is a lack of responsibility on your part, you fucking dead beat.
    Hail Satan!
    And have a good day!

    (By the way, we atheists don’t really believe in Satan either, we just say shit like that so you can look at us, for just a moment, exactly as we see you. Foolish, childish, and silly!

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