The Andrew Fraser files

If you’ve been starving for some more of the can’t-believe-he’s-for-real Hate Mail then the Andrew Fraser files are just what you’ve been waiting for. He’s a grown adult, who’s also a school teacher, who can’t spell, or write, loves Jesus, and the best part is he made a class project around Jesus Dress Up!

Yes, he’s for real. See for yourself.


8 thoughts on “The Andrew Fraser files”

  1. This guy’s an educator who likes to think outside the box??? Which box, I wonder, crayola box perhaps!

    Obviously he never typed his own resume. He also believes that the earth was created in just six days, a burning bush can talk, blood letting of animals atones for sins, that world is flat and the earth is at the center of the universe, that snakes and donkeys can talk, a certain man’s strength is in his hair, diseases are caused by demon possession, people can live in the belly of a whale for 3 days and nights, someone can walk on water, people can be raised from the dead, water can be turned into wine, the heart is the center of all thoughts and emotions, angels, demons, good spirits, evil spirits, witches exist, a god lives in the clouds above, people can be blessed, miracles happen everywhere, prayer to a god above can help influence in changing his mind, heaven and hell exists, virgin birth is possible, a man murdered on a cross can save your soul from hell, and this guy who obviously can’t spell properly is in a position of teaching children to believe in 2000 year old nonsense???

    This type of teaching sounds like he’s still inside the ancient superstitious box to me.

    Bob, the comment about the 230 million years of the dinosaur reign unaccounted for in the Bible, priceless!!!

  2. In a recent poll, thirty percent of Texans believe that humans lived with dinosaurs, Flintstone style. I know, Texans are too easy a target. I’m sure the situation is not much better in other states, or in Australia for that matter.

    If this is what’s coming out of our school systems, then we are doomed. But at least it will be a Christian doom.

  3. I hate it that he’s real. Makes it too close to home, y’know? When the hater’s identity is just an email address, they could be anything: someone just being stupid for a couple hours, an 8-year-old just learning to read or type, um… a Texan (j/k)… but the fact that this guy is an actual educator, a REAL educator, makes this exchange so heartbreaking.

  4. hey hey mr bob smith!! greetings from lima,peru…hold the thought,not trying to marry you to get blessed greencard,here only to free my mind about how great work youve accomplished at being what i call a “cultural terrorist” and a “paradigm shifter” …you managed somehow a way to extract us from the matrix of thought with each imposible laugh ones get when playing jesus dress up…how many unthinkable images emerge! so ill also say it is mind expanding ;and let me tell u this “killin of the sacred cow”thingy its happening at other levels too…in europe they are about to put out all cruxifix from school rooms u know?and strugglin to free muslim female bodys and faces from that ominous clothing they are forced to wear as well….final suggestion : move forward,get a sidekick…your own sidekick jesus! i suggest an EMO,girly boy haha…
    something about me ? im a licenced clinic psichologist,and an ordained gnostic church priest;we should get around sometime …kuddos to you oh malignant lost soul…!

  5. Are you sure the Andrew Fraser who wrote you those letters is the same Andrew Fraser in that website you linked to? The one in the website can actually write coherent sentences with words that are spelled correctly. Maybe he had someone else write his web page for him.

    It is not all hard to disprove the first five books of the Bible–they do a good job disproving themselves. There’s one story where Jacob cuts stripes in some tree branches, then places the branches at the watering troughs where the sheep and goats can see them. The result is that the sheep and goats end up being striped and spotted like the sticks, because they looked at the sticks while mating! Does anyone really believe this is possible or true?

    Six-day creation of the universe–impossible. Proven untrue by every branch of science there is: archeology, biology, geology, paleontology, cosmology, etc.

    Talking snake with legs–ridiculous. It has been millions of years since snake ancestors had legs. Are we to believe Genesis occurred millions of years ago, and that reptile anatomy included a human-like vocal apparatus?

    Exodus–never happened. No evidence whatsoever to support it. More than 2 million people spend four decades traipsing through a fairly small patch of desert, along with their millions and millions of animals for sacrifices and food, and no evidence of their passing got left behind? No burial sites, no middens, no remains of campfires or mass animal sacrifices or the cast-off bones of animals eaten for meals, nothing. Oh, and let’s not forget that somehow, the Egyptians forgot to record this mass slave revolt, the ten plagues, the parting of the Red Sea, and the deaths of their best horsemen and charioteers.

    If Andrew is ignorant of all of this, then he is among the worst teachers Australia has to offer.

  6. Andrew,
    How the hell did you get a laptop in to your mental institution?!? They don’t allow that here in the US, I don’t think.

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