Amazing Stranger Summer 2010!

Afternoon at Union Square NYC
Union Square in the afternoon

Without a doubt this has easily been the best Amazing Stranger summer I’ve ever had. The crazies are as crazy as ever and I’ve had more balls than ever before filming them. This week we’ve got more Quarter Guy, more Cockroach and another installment of the incredible Methods of a Peeper series.

Go ahead and try and find anywhere else on the web where the content is so unpredictable, original and hilarious! You know you’ll come crawling back on your knees begging for more Amazing Strangers!


3 thoughts on “Amazing Stranger Summer 2010!”

  1. Hi Bob

    Great Peeper video (Methods Of a Peeper #6).

    Have you ever been approached by a psychology PhD candidate wishing to use your videos and observations of Union Square? If you ever do get such a request, be sure and ask for complete footnoting (is that a word?) so the paper writer’s professors can find your web site and purchase Dress Up Jesus™.

    Have you had the opportunity to discuss the peeper fetish with a peeper yet? I understand that may be difficult since they are skittish in the wild. I am curious to know what reaction a peeper would have if a woman they were surveilling approached him and said: “Hi, love your technique, lets’ go to your place. I’ll site around with nothing but my panties on for awhile and then we can fuck.”

    I have many questions about your observations in the wilds of Union Square, but I’ll hold them for a later email.

    Thanks for a great site


    ( )

  2. Haha, no there’ve been no PhD approachings. But I would definitely be flattered, and extremely interested in the footnoting in regards. I wonder if it’ll happen? That’d be pretty fucking cool.

    Peepers are pretty unwilling to discuss their peeperism. Whenever I bring it up they throw accusations at me that I must like men, and gay, and stop filming me, and kicking my ass, and such. They know me, and what I’m doing, so I have trouble being taken seriously by them.

    And I guarantee if a girl approaches them they pretend not to hear, or understand, or speak English, then run away. One interesting thing I haven’t been able to show yet is when cops are strolling by the peepers turn and stop peeping, and sometimes even walk away.

    A little insight.

  3. What would 14th be without the peepers lol ♥
    OR ME!~!! justkidding…thought i’d leave a random comment 😀

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