Hate Mail at its finest, The Chic Chirac files

“Keep your monkeys off my back or I’ll file a complaint of harrassment!”

If you really get a thrill out of reading horrible insults directed at me from hate mailers, then the exact same hate mailers bellyaching about receiving precisely the same sorts of letters in return all on account of something he started in the first place, then you’ll really love Hate Mail Pg 405 – Chic Chirac files.

Mon, May 4th, 09 This page has been updated more astonished cries from the mouth of Chic Chirac. Get out your hankies and play for him the world’s smallest violen.

Tue, May 19th, 09, Again, another update to the Chic Chrac files with even more threats and apology retractions!


4 thoughts on “Hate Mail at its finest, The Chic Chirac files”

  1. Amazing Bob how a lot of the self-righteous christians will re-read their own rude nasty insults to you and then want to retract their own venom after they think they have sunk their teeth in you. Christians, the slithering two-faced apologetic vipers. I think christianity got started with a snake didn’t it?….lol

  2. You said it Prophet. Jeez. All this character assassination, followed by a duplicitous, half-assed apology. Hey Chic…you wanna know what really makes you empty inside…?

    Drink some Drano, and find out.


    God bless.

    PS. the “suicide” was a nugget of comedy gold Bob.

  3. Hey, Mario, Jesus said that those who believe in him would be able to handle snakes and drink poison and not get hurt, so Chic should be able to drink Drano without any problem, as long as he believes in the power of Sweet Jesus. Of course, he MIGHT find out the hard way that Jesus was a blithering idiot, but that’s not our problem.

    (Btw, the relevant scripture is Mark 16:18, for any Christians who think I’m making that up. )

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