5 thoughts on “Apr 27, 09 Hate mail ganging up on me!”

  1. Praise Jeebus, I can work in a candy making factory and earn million dollar paychecks!

    Seriously, who the fuck CC’s a bunch of people on a hate mail? That’s just weird gangsta shit, dressed up to look like some touchy feelie X-ian encounter group, glossed over with touch ‘claymation pretending to give a damn’.

    The next time I bump into an uppity X-ian online I should CC you, Alleee, Lois, Sister Scotchy, and Fausty. Then we can all have a big stomp-all-over-your-beliefs-apalooza. Do you see, Ryan, how completely fucked that reasoning is?

  2. “I said, whether at halloween or on a website depiction of satan is offensive to a Christian.”

    Well, you heard him, let’s just all quit doing things that might be offensive to Christians so that they won’t ever get their feelings hurt, because there is nothing more important in the whole wide world than a Christian’s feelings. In fact, let’s quit doing anything that might be offensive to anyone, anywhere. We’ll all just sit at home in the dark, saying nothing, doing nothing, because some random person somewhere in the world might be offended–by our clothes, our hair, our skin color, our opinions, our ideas, our political affiliation, or who-knows-what. My, what a fun world that will be.

  3. dearest bob,
    i’m gonna tell you how it is ….
    you are a sick man and the epitome of evil.you should be locked away and condemed to eternal hell .me,and many others would find pleasure in watching your corpse slowly burn…

    but dont worry this isnt hate mail because i congratulate you on being the no1 most hated man on this earth.i mean is this your ambition??,your dreams fixed on making others’ lives hell!!!
    well done..
    may god have mercy on your soul

  4. Every morning I have to start my day looking in the mirror and saying to myself “I earn my living by ruining lives.”

    See, people have no problem paying their respects to everyone whose lives I’ve destroyed. But what about me? Who is there to hug me and tell me everything will be all right when the lights go out at night?

    I believe years from now you, Emily, will look back and realize I was the Jesus Christ to your Roman beatings & death sentences.

    Oh Lord, forgive her for she knows not what she does.

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