2 thoughts on “Amazing Strangers – War against the Human Bile of Union Square South”

  1. Wow, Bob, that girl in red was fucking AMAZING. She had the clothes all…1940’s, all… matching her hair and everything. She was PERFECT.

    That almost cheers me up from my 2nd Mormon visit in two weeks over here. I’ve lived here for like 4 months, and I’ve had 4 Jehovah’s Witness groups, 2 7th-Day Adventists, 2 Mormon boybands, and, get this, some sort of Russian Orthodox shit! I fuck you not! I need a vicious dog!

    I need to get the hell out of this Cowboy town and on a coast somewhere where I’m not knee-deep in Pinks and Normals.

    But then again, I’ve got my show back, the Hellbound Alleee show, and maybe it’s because of this religious harrassment. Not that someone like you requires it! Hell, you go to Union Square LOOKING for it.

    It comes to me, Brother. It comes to me.

  2. PS: I always liked the whole hugging fad, because I felt it was a backlash against school zero-tolerance for physical contact. I think the kids should keep hugging.

    But I forgot about the whole “this hugging fad will get me all the frottage I want plus I can share my scabies with hot chicks” thing.

    I think kids in high school should hug people they want to hug, but they shouldn’t feel obligated by “coolness’ to hug someone really fowl or old.

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