8 thoughts on “Normal Bob amimations to Angry Phone Messages”

  1. Bob:

    These are great! I love the animations – hope to see more. The calls are hilarious. I love how the first guy goes on a tirade, says he wishes you death…and then hopes you’ll “be saved”. That’s classic!

    – SJR

  2. terribly hilarious. where’s the open-mindedness. i can understand that they are christians, but they need to fucking grow up and accept it. as much abuse as some children and some parents had to go through with under god in the pledge they should be okay with a person having a strong belief that god doesn’t exist. you should be able to put whatever you want on your site. keep your strong opinions out there. many people appreicate them. like me;]

  3. Such ignorance from some people & Yet time to call the crazy house and tell them to pick up bob & his fans !!!!!!!!!

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