7 thoughts on “Creepy creepy Christians”

  1. Erica’s insistence that the name “Jesus” is holy took me back to mother’s deathbed, where my cousin Gail kept telling Mom’s comatose form to “Think of Jesus, just think of Jesus, it’s the most powerful name in any language…”

    Then, as now, my fiorst thought was, “Then how about saying it in the language any historical Jesus would have actually spoken?’ The name he would have answered to would have been Yeshua Ibn Yosef and he would have lloked a lot more like Osama Bin Ladin than Barry Gibb. Some how, I imagine his cult being a little smaller if he was sold with the original packaging…

  2. I love how she’s so passive-aggressive with her prayers, praying to god about you as if you’re not the one reading the email, rather than asking you directly to pray to Jesus. It’s their little way of saying, “Hey! I’m better than you, and you need to know this. I’ve been chosen by god to save you!” Christians seem to have this messianic complex that causes them to believe that they are more than just a microscopic speck of dust on a microscopic speck of dust in the grand scheme of things.

    Yet I’m considered mentally ill because I tend to think realistically, which causes me to seem like a bit of a downer. I suppose if I accepted Jesus like the blind puppet they want me to be I’d be happier, but I’d also sound like a raving lunatic. I’d rather be angry, bitter and smart than happy, joyful, and stupid.

    Why is it that it’s considered perfectly normal and acceptable to react joyfully when talking about the destruction of mankind? Yet I’m the crazy one, because I think people should deeply examine their beliefs before spouting off at the mouth about them.

  3. Of course they’re more than a microscopic speck of dust. They are the focus of a cosmic battle between good and evil for their sin-ridden but all important soul! They are more important than you, mister lowly AngryHuman non believer.

  4. Awesome stuff…but you must remember that these very same bible thumping whackjobs are now back charge of the American nation so we can expect more killing in the name of their Jesus.

    I don’t subscribe to the idea of Gawd-DUH as the idiots do; I simply am of the opinion that ‘something’ started it all & whatever IT is far exceeds my humble capacity to comprehend.

    Call IT Gawd-DUH, Allah or Murry I don’t care.

    Thanx for great entertainment value from your website. Love the dress-ups, especially the one of HE who shall not be named (or depicted). Funny shi’ite man, really funny.

    BTW-my Mutha taught me never to argue with idiots or morons; some people can’t tell the difference.

  5. If Emily considders putting Jesus in a bunny outfit making fun, yeah, I was… and it was fucking hilarious too! You should try it! It’s like fucking colorforms, from when I was a kid, but with the myth man who is his own father!

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